Is Rescue in Iron Man 3?

Is Rescue in Iron Man 3?

Take this with a grain of salt but we might see Rescue in Iron Man 3.Hit the jump for more details.

Today (or yesterday,depending where you live)Hot Toys posted a pic of their upcoming projects in their facebook page.Here's the pic:

You can see a figure from prometheus,a storm shadow and a roadblock from gi joe:Retaliation,a joker from arkham city,a bruce banner and many others.But look take a look again (i didn't zoom in because the pic doesn't have the best resolution):

One of the iron man helmets seems strangelly similliar to rescue's helmet from the comics.Now you could argue that it's just an armour created to sell toys but hot toys isn't hasbro.Their figures are high-end collectibles which take up a lot of time.If it was another colour of the regular suit it could be a repaint like the secret project they released but this is a brand new sculpt.It's different from the mark V too.Looking at it again they are the cosbaby figures.Since the faceplate is silver and the rest of the helmet is rd it can't be war machine.

Take this with a grain of salt but it would explain why hot toys doesn't have a full figure on display.Marvel doesn't want to spill the beans but ht has work to do so the figure will be ready by May.It might be another armour for tony or it might be rescue.Who knows.
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