Is this Tony Stark's AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON armour?

Is this Tony Stark's AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON armour?

Iron Man 3's run of Ultra Premium Hot Toys figures during the summer brought us collectors editions figures straight from the third act. But is one figures rebranding a hint to a the future? Hit the jump for the full story.

Last summer Hot Toys gave us a range of "Ultra Premium" Iron Man 3 movie figures. While most are now out of production, the company NECA are releasing a 1/4 scale Iron Man 3 suit of their own, the Mark XXI, the Midas Suit.

When originally released the Midas figure was quickly bought up by fans for obvious reasons.

The interesting part? NECA have chosen not to market this as an Iron Man 3 suit, instead going with the Avengers branding. It could be a simple branding problem or maybe they just want to associate with the seemingly endless supply of money that is the Avengers.

Chances are that the gun's been jumped but as fans it is our job to speculate, and it does look a lot like the Marvel 616 version of Iron Man's Age of Ultron suit...

For more images of the Midas figure hit HERE and don't forget to sign off your opinion below.
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