Jackson and Swank roles are revealed.

Jackson and Swank roles are revealed.

The stars' roles are revealed!

MTV Movie blogs has obtained confirmation from Avi Arad that Samuel L. Jackson will be playing Nick Fury in 'Iron Man'. They've also discovered that Hilary Swank has a role as The Black Widow in the movie. They surprised Arad with the latter bit of info which was initially leaked onto the internet by director John Favreau.

"How do you know about that?!," a stunned Arad replied when asked about Swank. After a few beats, he admitted: "It's a cameo."

Following along the lines of secret "Iron Man" actors, Arad dodged a question about Samuel L. Jackson’s foreshadowing scenes as Nick Fury, saying "I can't talk about that."

Clearly a bit frustrated, Arad then amended himself. "The Sam and Hilary thing was supposed to be the biggest secret of them all," he shrugged. "It's amazing how it got out."

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*The film enters theatres on May 2, 2008!*
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