New Iron Man 2 Action Figures Revealed!

New <i>Iron Man 2</i> Action Figures Revealed!

Check out this new collection of Iron Man 2 action figures, including all the new armors, and Whiplash!

Check Out these exclusive Iron Man 2 action figures including all of Tony's new armors, and War Machine. Plus a look at the first official Whiplash figure. Check It Out!

Mark IV

Mark V

Mark VI

War Machine

I think the Mark V is Tony Stark's first attempt at a collaspiable suitcase armor. The reason I say is because the crinkles in it, and how similar it looks to the suitcase from ET's Iron Man 2 Set visit.

MarvelFreshman: Can't wait for this movie. Gosh. only 3 more full months & a week til the best day ever.
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