Ridiculous Rumor Claims That Ty Simpkins Will Replace Robert Downey Jr. As IRON MAN

Ridiculous Rumor Claims That Ty Simpkins Will Replace Robert Downey Jr. As IRON MAN

You'll need more than a pinch of salt for this one as a new report claims that Jurassic World star Ty Simpkins (who was very impressive in Iron Man 3 as the young Harley Keener) is being lined up as the next Iron Man in time for a 2019 release. Read on for details...

Marvel may have announced their Phase 3 slate up until 2019, but common sense says that there are still a few more movies that might be squeezed into that busy schedule over the next few years. After all, if Ant-Man is a success, it's hard to believe they'll make us wait until 2020 for a sequel! What the studio have in store for Iron Man is a little less clear, and despite the fact that Iron Man 3 grossed over $1 billion, it appears as if Robert Downey Jr. is being saved for Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War instead of a fourth instalment of his successful solo series.

So, here's a fun and dumb rumour for you to chew on during a slow news Sunday. Movie Pilot (via JoBlo) claims that Ty Simpkins will be the next Iron Man. Seriously! The youngster was admittedly fantastic in Iron Man 3 as Harley Keener - not a character from the comic books - but him suiting up as Tony Stark's successor makes little to no sense. Iron Man 4 is apparently being eyed for a 2019 release, and Simpkins will be around 17 years old then. While it could allow Marvel to focus on a teen superhero (something they seemingly would have liked to have done if they'd come to a deal with Sony over the Spider-Man rights), it all just seems incredibly unlikely and pretty daft!

However, an intriguing Tweet sent out by The Wrap's Jeff Sneider may at least give us an idea about whether or not Simpinks has a future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in some form...

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