Robert Downey Jr. Makes Brief Comment About IRON MAN 3rd Act

Robert Downey Jr. Makes Brief Comment About IRON MAN 3rd Act

In the latest Entertainment Weekly, Robert Downey Jr. makes a short statement about Iron Man 3 and what he wants for Tony Stark in the third movie of the franchise.

In the latest Entertainment Weekly Magazine, small tidbits of Iron Man 3 are revealed along with the previously released concept art of Stark with armor on only his arm and leg. What could this mean? EW seems to think it's the Extremis virus taking effect.

"What's happening here? The context isn't immediately clear (and Marvel isn't talking), but the image matches the way Stark's armor attaches to him in the 2005-06 comic book series Iron Man: Extremis. The title refers to a nanotech serum that allows humans to bond with metal, becoming biological combat machines."

Entertainment Weekly was also able to catch up with Robert Downey Jr to get a quick quote on what we can expect from the genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist saying that he "radically wants to challenge Stark's identity, rather than just have him battle another bad guy":

"These things tend to, in Act 3, really become about the same old things. So let's really flip that. I feel like I don't know where you go after Iron Man 3. Leave it all on the field, you know?"

Just like us, it seems like RDJ is upset with Stark always fighting armored villains at the end of the film. With things heating up in Iron Man 3 marketing and a panel coming at San Diego Comic Con, what are you most excited to hear about?

Credit to Tumblr user Lotrfan8811 for the info.
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