This may be (and probably is) just a case of wild speculation, but based on an interesting discovery at the movie's North Carolina studio there could at least be a small link to Marvel's first Mutant..

And that link is..a huge special effects water tank! Toldja it was a stretch. Still it's a slow day so why not speculate. The report comes from who claim to have uncovered a bit of info relating to the North Carolina set of Iron Man 3..

..We’ve also been snooping around for any info on potential villains for Iron Man 3, but no one seems to have any official word yet. However, some things we have uncovered about the shooting location and the choice of production facility does lend itself to some rather interesting Iron Man 3 villain speculation.
While tax credits played a role in the choice of the coastal town of Wilmington, North Carolina as a filming location for Iron Man 3, the production facilities at EUE/Screen Gems Studios were also a factor. EUE/Screen Gems Studios has a 37,500 square foot sound stage that includes a special effects water tank.

Yes, it's Captain America: TFA all over again! That movie featured a scene with water, Namor must be involved right? Well there is just a bit more to go on here. We had that Namor related Easter Egg in Iron Man 2, and there is speculation that Director Shane Black may finally uncork the "Demon In A Bottle" story-line which does feature Namor. It had been assumed that we would finally get a showdown with Iron Man's most famous foe The Mandarin but Black reportedly shot that down, calling the character a "racist caricature ". Of course even if Namor does make an appearance it doesn't mean it will be as THE villain. But for now we have no real info as to which characters will or won't pop up, as I said it's all a bit of wild speculation. Still, would be pretty cool eh?

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