Set Photos Confirm Iron Patriot Armor To Be Featured In IRON MAN 3

Set Photos Confirm Iron Patriot Armor To Be Featured In IRON MAN 3

New set photos confirm that The Iron Patriot Armor will be gracing Tony Stark's newest solo movie Iron Man 3, but it's not Stark who will be the one wearing the suit but a character played by James Badge Dale.

New photos from the web site show that the Iron Patriot armor will be making its way to the big screen in Iron Man 3. The Armor was first seen in 2009's Dark Avengers comics following the events of Secret Invasion. In the comics Norman Osbourne is the first to put the Iron Patriot armor on, but with Sony owning the rights to pretty much everything Spider-Man related that rules this particular villain out. In the photos you can see actor James Badge Dale wearing the Iron Patriot armor.

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Iron Man 3 is currently kicking off its production in North Carolina at the moment. We have had a couple of stories pop up regarding some details on who Ben Kingsly is playing as well as Robert Downey Jr being spotted arriving on set. The film is being directed by Shane Black and is slated for a May 3rd of 2013 release.

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