ThreeBigTaco's theory on the design of Iron Man's newest armor in Iron Man 3.

ThreeBigTaco's theory on the design of Iron Man's newest armor in Iron Man 3.

Here out a small theory of what we see may not be the final product based on the comic-con images.

Now I know what you're thinking:

"Oh there's too much gold."

"Someone used too much mustard"

"lol wut?"

Well look no further folk. I don't have the answers for you, but what I do have are some theories. I believe the gold/mustard color parts may indeed come off or at least detach at some point. Now this doesn't apply to EVERY piece of gold, but look at the following image for some of my theory.

Starting from bottom to top:

1: Take a look at the lower portion of the knee joints and coverings over his feet. This seems highly unnecessary, and try to follow the pattern of the silver under his boot; it goes under the gold plating. Also notice how the gold on top of his foot seems to slip off his boot? Almost like it isn't meant to be there. Notice the small sliver of silver under the gold there from the bottom of his boot to the back of his leg?

2: Ok immature CBMer's lets be mature here. Look at Iron Man's crotch. Notice the golden piece above his 'crotch' seems to kind of not be 100% on his body? Also pay attention to how that looks like it wouldn't allow his legs to bend upwards. Now that could just be the model or at least the way it was put together for the show, but pay attention to what that means: It means Iron Man's legs can't bend upwards without hitting that piece hanging off him. For further clarification is the piece that runs from right below his stomach to where his thighs meet his torso.

The thigh golden plates look off too. They're too raised and seem like they're covering some really cool Red and Silver plating. I do believe these golden thigh covers come off, as they seem so loose especially on his left leg. Again this could be just a slight mishap in whoever put this together for the convention.

3: Lastly notice his shoulder panels. The gold part seems almost too bulky. They could almost be just coverings of some sort or at least pay attention to the way they're on the armor. There's something underneath them as if they're clipped on. I could really be stretching on this one, but they seem odd, maybe it's from this angle.

All in all, I think, if my theory is correct: Marvel is either hiding his final design, or testing the waters with this design and getting some feedback. Don't forget we haven't seen any actual set pictures of this armor on set yet, so this could be a giant marketing ploy. Deep down at first this suit looked weird, but since analyzing it, I'm really partial to the sweet look and cool gloves it has.

- Tacos!

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