WTF? Robert Downey Jr. Now Says No To IRON MAN 4 But Yes To More Marvel Movies

WTF? Robert Downey Jr. Now Says No To IRON MAN 4 But Yes To More Marvel Movies

Is Robert Downey Jr. just messing with us all as he continues to promote The Judge? After confirming Iron Man 4 is moving ahead earlier today, the actor now says that movie isn't happening but he does have plans to work with Marvel on other releases...

Earlier today, Robert Downey Jr.'s "confirmed" that Iron Man 4 is moving ahead. It's not a story that just a handful of sites picked up on either as even the big boys at trades like The Hollywood Reporter and The Wrap ran stories which declared the movie as a sure thing. Perhaps not!

Talking to David Letterman tonight, the actor said, "There's no plans for an Iron Man 4. There's no script for Iron Man 4, but they do have a plan and I think they're going to announce it...they've very secretive about it." Downey Jr.'s comments can be heard in full by watching the video below, but the host continued to push for details and got the following response when he asked again if it's happening. "Just between us, no, but I'm going to do other stuff with Marvel. I'm still going to be involved with Marvel and there's gonna be plenty of fun stuff to happen." The Judge star's contact only includes one more Avengers movie, so whether he's referring to that or something more remains to be seen. It's rare to get so many conflicting reports...from the star of the movie itself! 

Who wants to bet that he's just f***ing with us all to get extra eyes on The Judge this weekend?

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