John Carter - A Review After Multiple Viewings

John Carter - A Review After Multiple Viewings

After seeing John Carter for the second time in 3 days, I can easily say I LOVE JOHN CARTER OF MARS! Spoiler free review, actually maybe more like an editorial.

John Carter is astoundingly good! I've never read the books and only new about John Carter as much as I did because I so fervently follow movies and movie news. I love film, and I love any film that can be entertaining, engaging, and harken back to the times of classic movie making.

I grew up on Star Wars, Indiana Jones, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Robin Hood, Treasure Island, and countless other classics. I've probably seen any of the original 3 Star Wars films a combined 100 times, at least. I loved those stories. Little did I know that many of my favorite movies were inspired in many ways by the writings of Edger Rice Burroughs. I hadn't heard of the guy before this movie, and the only thing I could tie his name to was the fact that he also created Tarzan, at least that I knew.

So I went into this film rather excited actually, but not because I knew the source material, just because I knew it was within the realm of movies I enjoy. I read lots of reviews, actually I mostly skimmed them because I don't like to be spoiled. The critics were split. Some seemed to love it, and it exceeded their expectations. Others didn't hate it, but saw it as a cliche and a rip off of countless movies. And some found little interest and found it downright boring. I went into the theater with all these things in mind, and knowing by this time that the movie was going to open poorly, at least not as well as the studio or fans had hoped. And I knew of the trouble Disney was having marketing the movie, although I never quite understood just how poorly it was marketed because I love movies and I had already set my sites on John Carter and was actually anticipating it.

The movie is downright amazing! I say this after just getting back from the theater and viewing it for a second time. Awesome, loved every second of it! Love the characters, love the sweeping shots, love the gorgeous scenery, love the score, loved everything about it. I know I could find some things I didn't like, but why would I? I've read so many reviews that say "the movie isn't without its faults", it's almost like they have to say that, almost like they can't admit they enjoyed it. Almost as if they don't say something negative about it, people will look down on them, like they don't know what a good movie really is. I love all movies, I really liked Moneyball, and so did the critics, but I find no shame in telling you that I loved the crap out of John Carter and would pick it over Moneyball in a heart beat!

To me the whole point of movies is to be taken to another place, to be transported to places that was at one time only possible to do with the imagination and a good book. When a movie comes along and can translate something better than you could have possible imagined, grab ahold and enjoy the ride, because it doesn't happen very often!

The CGI in this movie is fantastic. I know why the budget was so high. When you watch the movie you don't think of the Tharks as aliens, you just think of them as any other character in the movie, except they happen to be green and 8 feet tall. Seemless, I was stunned, mostly because the clips I had seen didn't look this good, not sure why not. I also saw it in 3D both times I went. I knwo some people say the 3D was no good and didn't add anything, Seriously?! I've seen a lot of 3D, I actually really enjo it, especially when it's done well. The first movie I ever saw in 3D was Avatar and I loved it, since then I've seen the differences between native 3D and converted 3D. I've also seen good converted 3D, bad converted 3D, good native 3D, and bad native 3D (yes it's possibel, look at Pirates of the Caribbean, proves you have to care, you can't just use a 3D camera, need to know what your doing). The 3D in John Carter is the best conversion 3D I've seen to date. I was actually pretty stunned. There was great depth in the movie, anyone who still thinks 3D is supposed to poke you in the eye, where you been? Not even Avatar did that, why? because James Camera hates gimmicky 3D. The point of 3D is to attempt to cut open the screen and bring a live presentation to you, thus creating depth, kinda like looking into a fish tank. When you watch a film in 3D, if it's good you'll notice your eye catches things you normally wouldn't, that's why I love it, my eye can go what's behind the person, something that's beautiful and many times is lost otherwise. If you don't like 3D that's cool, but I'm telling you the point isn't to have stuff fly out at you, how is that even realistic? How many times to you get hit in the face everyday that makes you thin that's the way the world works?

Anyway, I'll wrap it up. Maybe some of you guys who are actually fans of the books can let me know how close the movie follows book. I really hope the film makes some money, at least overseas because I love to take another ride with a sequel. Part of the problem with the whole marketing of John Carter is people love to hate, I'm not really sure why. When that happens you get a lot of negative buzz surrounding a movie, that no one's even seen! I check movie ratings quite often, and John Carter actually went from 6.5 on IMDB on friday, to a 7 on IMDB today. That should tell you something, the people who are actually seeing it are enjoying it. And actually the people who are liking it most are probably not fanboys, they're just normal people who decided to give it a shot and were surprised by what they found. Most people on here would agree that George Lucas dropped the ball on the sequels, especially Episode 1. I don't hate him for it by any stretch, I own the prequels, and sometimes I'll watch them, even Episode 1 from time to time. That being said I don't think I'll ever be able to watch Episode 1 ever again, I realize just how awful it is now after seeing John Carter. It's also extremely apparent just how much Lucas ripped off from John Carter, it's pretty unbelievable actually, mostly the prequels. The sad thing is he didn't even rip it off well, if your going to steal at least do a good job, it's a shame really. The original are a different story, they will always be awesome.


RATING 10/10

I'll probably try and get my sister to go see it agin with me, just so I have an excuse to see it one more time on the big screen!
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