Jon Favreau on John Carter, "Seeing the scale of it, I'm really glad it's not me."

Jon Favreau on <em>John Carter</em>, "Seeing the scale of it, I'm really glad it's not me."

At one time, Jon Favreau was attached to direct his own version of John Carter of Mars. Find out what the Cowboys & Aliens director thinks about the upcoming Andrew Stanton movie.

Did you like the John Carter trailer?

Jon Favreau: I cameoed in John Carter, and they showed me footage. I have not seen [the trailer]. I saw a rough version, Andrew showed it to me. It's gonna be great. Just from what I've seen there. I remember meeting Willem Dafoe, and seeing what they're doing. I really feel — and you know it's very close to my heart — I'm [in] the chain of filmmakers who've passed the torch for a 100 years on this one. I'm really proud that somebody is doing it right. And seeing the scale of it, I'm really glad it's not me. It's a huge movie, a huge movie.

Originally set to direct "A Princess of Mars" back in 2006, Favreau replaced Kerry Conran [Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow] who himself, was a replacement for Robert Rodriguez. Favreau dropped out from the project because Paramount lost the film rights and decided to direct Iron Man. Worked out to everyone's benefit, right?

Head over to io9 to read more from their interview with Favreau about Cowboys & Aliens.

Concept figure from Favreau's John Carter of Mars.

John Carter probably holds the record for having the longest period of "development hell" for any movie, at 79 years. The film entered development hell when preproduction first started for it in 1931, when Robert Clampett (director of 'Looney Tunes') approached Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author of 'John Carter', to make an animated feature out of the first book in the series (which is what this film is also an adaptation of). Had plans gone through, 'John Carter' would have become the first animated feature the world had seen, beating Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The film finally left development hell in 2010 when filming officially started on Andrew Stanton;s film.

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