THE ROOM Director Tommy Wiseau Auditions To Play THE JOKER With Hilarious Results

THE ROOM Director Tommy Wiseau Auditions To Play THE JOKER With Hilarious Results

THE ROOM Director Tommy Wiseau Auditions To Play THE JOKER With Hilarious Results

Wiseau, the mastermind behind The Room - which is often called the Citizen Kane of bad movies - wants to be The Joker. With this audition tape, he may have proven he’s the most insane man for the job...

Tommy Wiseau is an interesting fellow. If you’re familiar with his work, then you likely don’t need the use of the word “interesting” described further. However, if you have no clue who Wiseau is, then you’re missing out on one of life’s great joys, and you’ll definitely want to continue reading.

Wiseau is the brains behind the cult phenomenon film The Room, which he starred in, directed, produced, and wrote. The Room is widely considered the worst film of all time, usurping Ed Wood’s classic Plan 9 From Outer Space as the movie that people hate so much they can’t help but love it. It’s a film so horrendously terrible that it sells out midnight screenings across the country year round, and fans have created in-theater gags that include throwing spoons at the screen, screaming at characters and throwing footballs to each other in the seats. (Author’s note: I’ve seen The Room 8 times in theaters. If it’s playing near you any time in the next year, go. If you don’t laugh your ass off, I’ll refund your money.)

Recently, The Room was brought to mainstream cinemagoers’ attention with The Disaster Artist, James Franco’s film adaptation of the memoir by The Room’s co-star Greg Sestero. Wiseau, who absolutely adores the media spotlight he’s gained over the 17 years since The Room’s release, has been engaging in a notable press tour to help promote The Disaster Artist. This includes, in what can only be seen as evidence that there is a God and He loves us, stopping by The Nerdist’s studio to film an audition as The Joker.

While it’s rumored that Joaquin Phoenix has been approached to play the Batman villain in the planned solo origin story, Wiseau has been campaigning for the role since its announcement, even going so far as to tweet at director Todd Phillips on occasion. Sestero has also volunteered his time as Batman should his friend’s audition prove fruitful.

Wiseau, in his trademark eccentric speech, delivers classic lines from both Heath Ledger’s and Jack Nicholson’s stints as the Clown Prince of Crime and offers a few original to Wiseau himself. He screams, he laughs in his signature chuckle made famous by The Room, and he demands to have The Batman’s head.

While it’s likely that Wiseau will not be cast as The Joker any time soon, one thing is for certain: we all needed this in our lives.
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