CONTEST: Announcing the 'Dredd Slo-Mo for a GoPro' Contest

CONTEST: Announcing the 'Dredd Slo-Mo for a GoPro' Contest

We loved Lionsgate's Dredd in theaters, and you can be sure we'll be checking it out on DVD and Blu-Ray when it releases January 8th. In order to celebrate the home video release of Dredd, we are pleased to announce the "Dredd Slo-Mo for a GoPro" Contest.

In the film, Judge Dredd battles an insidious drug dealer who has flooded the streets with "Slo-Mo," a drug that makes everything appear to be moving in slow motion when you're under its influence. This of course affects the visual style of the film, which includes all kinds of insane bullet-time effects.

Slow motion shots are awesome - so let's see if you can create your own. We are hosting a video contest where we're going to give away one GoPro Hero3 Black Edition camera. Just submit a slo-mo video that you created. It doesn't have to be actual slow-motion. It could look like THIS, use stop-motion or other lo-fi trickery. If you can't shoot a video, just create a GIF. Be creative. Keep it clean, simple, and short (under :30). Post your youtube video (or just the url) in the comments section of this article for us to judge.

This contest has a little more to it than previous ones, so we'll give you more time to complete it. The contest ends on 1/24. We'll collect the best submissions and award the coveted camera and a Dredd Blu-ray or DVD to one lucky grand prize winner and a Dredd Blu-ray or DVD to three second place winners.

Click HERE for full contest rules and details.

Dredd is available on Blu-ray and DVD on January 8th. Pick up a copy HERE.
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