Karl Urban talks Priest, Star Trek 2, & Dredd

Karl Urban talks <I>Priest, Star Trek 2, & Dredd</i>

Click here to see what Karl Urban had to say when asked about filming on 'Star Trek', if he thinks JJ Abrams will be back, and his thoughts on how 'Dredd' turned out...

Karl Urban is doing his round of press for his upcoming movie 'Priest' and the folks over at Collider got the chance to sit down and chat with him where they discussed 'Priest', if he has plans to visit the set of 'The Hobbit', when he starts filming on 'Star Trek 2', and his thoughts on 'Dredd'.

Will you be visiting the set of The Hobbit in New Zealand just to say "hi":
"I live there so ya know. I'm really excited to see that movie, back at the helm. It's gonna be great."

Do you know when you'll start filming on 'Star Trek 2':
"I'm hearing that it's going to be September or November this year."

Do you think JJ Abrams will be back?
"I certainly hope so. He's a phenomenal director and we had such a great time working with him on the first one so I really hope so."

What can you tell fans about how Dredd turned out?
"We had a really good shoot and from what I've seen which is very little, I'm quietly pretty excited about it. John Wagner came out to the set, he was happy."
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