PIC CONTEST: Dredd 3D Scowl-Off

PIC CONTEST: Dredd 3D Scowl-Off

Can you scowl like the Judge? If you think your grimace is as good or better than Karl Urban, CBM is offering 3 lucky winners over $900 in Dreddful prizes to prove it! Click on in to enter.

Playing off the impressive performance that Karl Urban gives as Judge Dredd in Lionsgate's upcoming film, Dredd 3D, we want to put CBM readers to the test and see if they can outdo his menacing scowl. There are no stipulations on what you do to the pic you send in. You may use photoshop, dress up, or simply send in a pic au naturale (meaning, using nothing but your face. No nudity PLEASE!). Contestants will submit their images by posting them in the comments below this article (or if you don't know how, send them to [email protected]). Readers will judge the pics, voice their favorites, and CBM volunteers will decide the winners.

For those with some manipulation skills, feel free to use the official helmet below! Right click and "Save As" to get it to your desktop!

The contest will run from now, September 11th through the 23rd.

Here's what you could win...

One grand prize winner will receive:
-A year’s worth of movie tickets (4 tickets per month for twelve months)
-$100 gift card for snacks
-Official Dredd Collection novel published by 2000 AD

Two first place winners will receive:
-Five movie tickets to take their friends to see Dredd 3D
-Official Dredd Collection novel published by 2000 AD


Here is the code you use to embed an image in the comments:

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