BATMAN Speculation: What To Expect From The Caped Crusader In JUSTICE LEAGUE

BATMAN Speculation: What To Expect From The Caped Crusader In JUSTICE LEAGUE

BATMAN Speculation: What To Expect From The Caped Crusader In JUSTICE LEAGUE

With only a week until the release of the latest entry in the DCEU, let’s take a look at one of the founding members of the Justice League. What can we expect from the Dark Knight in the new movie?

Batman is going to be a huge part of Justice League, as director Zack Snyder said it was important to him that Bruce Wayne brings the team together. After all, he and Wonder Woman are likely to have the most screen time of the six heroes we’re guaranteed to see in the film.

Based on the fact that Warner Bros. has movies for Batgirl, Nightwing, Deathstroke and Harley Quinn all in some stage of development, it’s clear that Batman is integral to the future of this cinematic universe. Here’s what to look for in Batman’s Justice League scenes:

More Jokes

Based on the trailers and clips we’ve seen so far, it looks like Bruce has lightened up since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. From our first look at the movie at San Diego Comic-Con in 2016, we got a taste of the new attitude Batman is going to bring to Justice League.


It makes sense for the tone of Justice League to be lighter than Batman v Superman since the movie is about heroes coming together as opposed to them fighting each other. Even still, some critics have raised concerns about the humour in the film feeling like a forced reaction to the way previous DCEU entries have been received.

While we won’t be able to really judge the film until it comes out next week, it’s worth noting that Joss Whedon, who took over directing duties during Snyder’s absence, has a pretty solid track record for balancing humour and high stakes.

A New Look

When Snyder unveiled the Tactical Batsuit, fans were quick to point out the similarities to the Watchmen character Nite Owl. And while I think the suit looks pretty cool, I can definitely see why people would think that.


But even if you don’t like this new look, you’re in luck. Batman can be seen wearing a few different batsuits in the film’s trailers. These trailers have also given us some classic comic book imagery.

Based on the above image, it looks like we’ll also see the predominantly grey batsuit from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We haven’t seen any sign of the Mech Batsuit that Batman used to take on Superman, but that thing might come in handy if Bruce finds himself face-to-face with Steppenwolf.


A Romance With Diana?

This one is just a guess, but based on their initial encounter in Batman v Superman, I'd say there's a good chance something happens between the two. Bruce and Diana have a bit of a history in the comics, as Wonder Woman considered dating Batman in Joe Kelly’s JLA run. Diana eventually realized they'd be better off remaining friends, but the chemistry was definitely there.

Also, there is a song near the end of the official soundtrack’s track listing called “Bruce and Diana.” Have a listen and come to your own conclusions...

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