Ben Affleck Reveals What Excites Him About Being An Executive Producer On JUSTICE LEAGUE

Ben Affleck Reveals What Excites Him About Being An Executive Producer On JUSTICE LEAGUE

With so much talk about Ben Affleck's future as Batman in the DC Films Universe, most of us seem to have forgotten that he's also an executive producer on Justice League! Here, he talks about that role.

A lot has been made of Ben Affleck's future in the DC Films Universe and whether or not he'll don the cape and cowl for Matt Reeves' Batman movie after Justice League. Something everyone appears to be forgetting, though, is the fact he was made an executive producer of the superhero ensemble shortly after Batman v Superman was released and he's now shed at least a little more light on that role. 

Asked what's been most enjoyable about that experience on Justice League, the actor revealed the following and it sounds like he's played a role in shaping this world. "It's fun to see storylines cross over and connect with one another. It's not something I've ever had a chance to do previously - this multiple-film connectivity thing. It's pretty cool, all the little Easter Eggs that
lead into each other."

You have to believe that Affleck probably had a much bigger part to play back when he was still in charge of The Batman but who knows how much things changed over time, especially after reshoots! 

Regardless, it definitely sounds like the actor had a good time working on the DC Comics adaptation.

"It's fun to see all the other Justice League characters in their costumes, so you don't feel like the only guy in tights! But other than that, it's pretty surreal when you have Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Superman, and Batman all dressed up. You feel a little bit less like you're performing at a kid's birthday party and more like you're making a pretty cool movie. And it's really impressive to see the work and the energy that went into the aesthetic of these costumes. Ray Fisher doesn't really have a costume as Cyborg, it's all CGI and added in post-production, so he was just wearing pyjamas."

No matter what happens with Affleck and the DC Films Universe moving forward, the signs are pointing to him at least going out with a bang as the Dark Knight in Justice League. How do you feel about the remarks he makes here? As always, share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below.
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