Ben Affleck Talks JUSTICE LEAGUE, DAREDEVIL And His Interest In Helming A Superhero Movie

Ben Affleck Talks JUSTICE LEAGUE, DAREDEVIL And His Interest In Helming A Superhero Movie

Ben Affleck Talks JUSTICE LEAGUE, DAREDEVIL And His Interest In Helming A Superhero Movie

Ben Affleck talks more about being linked to Warner Bros.' planned Justice League movie, looks back on playing the "Man Without Fear" in 2003's Daredevil, and confirms that he would be interested in helming a comic book movie if the right one was offered.

Talking to MTV News, Argo director Ben Affleck was once again asked about the recent rumours that he had been approached by Warner Bros. to helm Justice League; the big screen superhero ensemble which will unite such iconic DC heroes as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman all in one film. He has repeatedly denied having any sort of involvement with the project, but still shared his thoughts on its potential and why he believes he was linked to the adaptation and why the studio are hoping to bring the team to life on the big screen.

"What happens is that there's a lot of bloggers and Internet interest around superhero movies, so there's regularly a rumor that comes up. Obviously [with regard to] 'Justice League,' once 'Avengers' happened, they think, 'Well, it would be crazy not to make "Justice League and I'm sure they will. I guess I should be flattered, and I'm sure it will be cool. I've seen some of the stuff from the new 'Superman' movie, and that stuff is awesome. I think they took a really cool, real approach to Superman, which no one has done before, so if that trend continues, I'm sure 'Justice League' will be great."

Affleck has made no secret of the fact that he didn't enjoy working on 2003's Daredevil, but when talk turned to Mark Steven Johnson's take on the iconic Marvel character, the actor actually revealed that he has at one point been approached about the planned reboot (which is obviously no longer moving ahead now that the rights are reverting from Fox to Marvel Studios), although he doesn't actually say what exactly they contacted him about!

"I would if there was one I liked. I had a negative experience with the one comic book I liked, it was just a movie that didn't work. It's such a shame, because, first of all, 'Daredevil' [is] a great book, great idea, and then right after that, they figured out that it was better to make the movies good, and then they started making them cool and investing in them. I felt like I was in the 1930s with that outfit, the trousers: 'Hey, chum, hold up there! This fella's trying to rob a bank!' It was a drag, but I did love it as a kid, and they're rebooting it. I got contacted about it, and I was like, 'That wouldn't be a reboot [if I was involved],' but I really hope they do a good job, because that's a great property and deserves something really, really good."

Finally, talk turned to whether or not Affleck would be interested in EVER helming a comic book movie. After all, he reportedly turned down Man of Steel, has nothing to do with Justice League and had a terrible experience with Daredevil, so it wouldn't be TOO surprising to hear him say that the genre is one he simply doesn't want to revisit. Well, not so. You see, it turns out that he's just waiting for the right offer and the right comic book...

"I would love to do [a comic book movie] if it was the right one, if I thought I could do it well. I think you have to, with any movie, have an idea for it that's original and unique and committed to it, and that's a hard thing to find."

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