Common Recalls Being Deflated After Failed JUSTICE LEAGUE MORTAL Project

Common Recalls Being Deflated After Failed JUSTICE LEAGUE MORTAL Project

While writing a contributing article to another site, rapper turned actor Common recalled how heart broken he was that he didn't get an opportunity to portray Green Lantern John Stewart in the failed Justice League Mortal movie.

Justice League Mortal is that movie that we are all glad didn't happen, but are a little disappointed it didn't. The cast was set, they even had wardrobe fittings for the actors. Then the unthinkable happened, the writers decided to strike and it crippled production of the movie, and it ultimately led to its demise. Rapper turned actor Common was cast as Green Lantern John Stewart in the film. He wrote a short article in the Chicago Sun-Times where he talked about being crushed the film never saw the light of day. Here is an except from the article:

I remember a time I really struggled with showing gratitude. It was after I had been cast as the Green Lantern in the movie rendition of “Justice League.” (I know that sounds bad, but hold on, there’s more.) We were all set to go. We had even tried on our wardrobe. I was ready! I was imagining what this could not only mean for me but also for the kids who would see me as a bona fide superhero! Plus, my phone was already ringing off the hook with requests for meetings from big-time directors and producers. It was about to be on…

And then it happened — the writers’ strike. Everything was on hold and after the strike, executives pulled the plug on the production. I was deflated. What I thought was the biggest role in my life was gone — just like that. I moped around for a few days when finally my mom told me to “get over it” and go speak to an organization that helped kids with much bigger problems than mine. It was during my talk with those young people that I had to take stock in what I had and return to being thankful for everything.

Even though this particular Justice League film didn't get made, Warner Brothers is looking to catch up with Marvel and release a movie based on their most popular characters in 2015. No word on what direction they will be taking it character wise, but make sure you check back here at CBM for the latest.

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