Editorial: 10 Things That Need To Be In The Justice League Movie

Editorial: 10 Things That Need To Be In The Justice League Movie

LEVITIKUZ's writes his last editorial on the Justice League film. This editorial focuses more on what I would like to see in the film. Moments, scenes, characters, and more. Check it out.

There have been few successful trilogies where all 3 parts high praise. These few trilogies that are successful are the Toy Story Trilogy, Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, The Indiana Jones Trilogy, and the original Star Wars Trilogy (4-6). I recently have wrote 2 editorial articles about the up and coming Justice League movie. Those articles have had high praised that have been called, “a really cool article”, “Best Justice League article I've read. You're my hero”, “great article, good viewpoints, do more f these a lot better than some of the other bad editorials”, “Finally, an editorial that I can be excited about”, “Great article and well written” and a lot more. People have said my 2 articles and Tainted87’s “Breaking Into the Justice League” are the best articles on this site about the Justice League movie. After so much praise I decided to make one last article. In the first article “Editorial: 6 Ideas That I Have That Need To Be In The JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie And Will Make It Successful”, I talk about what needs to be a part of the Justice League film like who should produce it, direct it, tips on script. It was more based on what to do with the film than what I want to see in the film. The only point I made about the film is that I would like to see Darkseid as the villain. In my second article "EDITORIAL: The Pros And Cons of WB's Making The DC Movie Universe The Marvel Way and The Pros And Cons of Making The DC Movie Universe Starting With JUSTICE LEAGUE”, I discuss the pros and cons on if you do “The Marvel Way” to lead into the Justice League film and the pros and cons about starting with the Justice League film. This article discusses more about what I what to see in the film. Everything from scenes, moments, characters and other things I want to see in the Justice League movie. This will be my final editorial on the Justice League film as I have nothing else to say. Let’s get started.

1. Wally West Flash

You need to have one character on the team who can crack a joke in the face of danger. Batman doesn't do that, neither does Superman Wonder Woman or anyone else. In a League with an alien, a rich kid who dresses like a Bat, the King of Atlantis, a guy with a ring, a cyborg or martian, a woman from a distant world on Earth, you need someone to crack a joke and break the tension of the League. In the comics, right now we have the Barry Allen as the Flash but this needs to have Wally West. In the DC Animated Universe, Wally West was really the heart of the Justice League. In alternate universe, Lex Luthor kills the Flash leading to Superman to kill Luthor and the Justice League being called the Justice Lords all because of the death of Flash. The Wally West Flash could become a fan favorite.

2. Martian Manhunter or Cyborg And Their Origin

First off, sorry for the photo. It’s the only one I can find that shows both Cyborg and Martian Manhunter. Now it is doubtful that either J’onn or Cyborg will ever get a solo movie. They are probably the only member of the Justice League who won’t get a solo movie. You don’t really need to explain Batman or Flash or Wonder Woman or anyone else’s origin. Cyborg or Martian Manhunter or the only ones you need to tell in the movie. Depending on who you do, you really could have a origin story for both. In the New 52 Justice League first story which has Darkseid, it shows Cyborg’s origin. If you do Martian Manhunter you could do have a story based on the first episodes of the Justice League animated series where it had the White Martian invasion. It just depends which 7 member they choose.

3. Batman’s Disinterest In The League

The only thing about the Justice League is the Batman doesn't like it. In the animated series, Batman called himself a part-time member and only to call him when something important comes up. Batman is the only human in the Justice League and the story should play on with that. It’s important to show especially because if they do a sequel based on the Tower of Babel storyline, we how Batman is too over concerned about the Justice League and how he doesn't like the idea at all.

4. A Villain Superman Can’t Take Down But The Justice League Can

I have said this many times, we need a villain Superman can’t take down but the Justice League can. I have said and feel Darkseid should be the villain using the New 52 storyline. This is very important. People think why would Superman need help? He’s Superman, he can do anything. When it comes to the Justice League, Superman is the most powerful member. Having a villain that could take down Superman shows how even Superman needs help sometimes. Since you have to have a villain that could take down Superman but the Justice League you need to think who could this villain be? Lex Luthor isn’t a good villain because he might not be in the Man of Steel and it wouldn’t make sense to introduce a villain that is more of a Superman villain than a Justice League villain in the Justice League. The same can be said for Brainiac. Lobo has been rumored to be featured but Superman can handle Lobo by himself. The safest choice to go with would be Darkseid. He is a villain that could take down Superman. He is also a villain that has an army. The one thing I love about Darkseid in the Justice League more than Loki in the Avengers is that Darkseid isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Loki wasn’t a physical threat like how Darkseid could be. Darkseid is a great villain also because most people know him. It’s not like your having a huge villain threat that all fanboys know of but people outside of comics don’t know of. (Yes I mainly copied and pasted this from my pervious article.)

5. The Government’s Disapproval Of The League

Unlike the Avengers, the Justice League came together by themselves. The Avengers came together through SHIELD. The Justice League didn’t come together through some organization. The movie needs to play on with how the government dislikes the Justice League through Amanda Waller. Amanda Waller needs to be in the movie. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small but her role is pivotal. We need to see how the government views the JL as a threat.

6. Batman vs. Superman vs. Flash vs. Green Lantern

We need to have a scene where we see these guys just battle each other like how The Avengers did. Imagine Flash vs. Superman where Flash is so fast, Superman can’t lay a hit on him. A scene where we see Batman and Superman go at it. A scene with Green Lantern and Flash go after each other. We need these guys to fight against each other in a scene.

7. Each Character To Have Their Own Moment

One thing The Avengers did well is each character had their own moment in the film; you need this in the Justice League movie. It’s important also so people could be hyped for each character for a solo movie of the character.

8. Wonder Woman To Have An Important Role

This is a biggie. Wonder Woman is one of the biggest members of the League and this will be her first movie on the big screen ever. Wonder Woman needs to have a role really as big as Batman and Superman. She needs to also be the voice of reason mainly because she is a woman.

9. The Watchtower

We need a headquarters for the Justice League. The Hall of Justice is cool but we need to think bigger. Having the Watchtower would be epic. I really have nothing more to say on this. You tell me why we shouldn’t have the Watchtower? Huh, huh? That’s what I thought.


Do I really need to say anything after this? Come on you have to have this. Most people view Aquaman as a joke. He’s a guy that talks to fish. You need a moment like this to blow people out of their seats and left them breathless with Aquaman. This scene would shut up the Aquaman haters and make people love and want to root for Aquaman.

That is all I have left to say. These three article are all I have left to say on the Justice League movie. I can't wait if the movie comes. What do you think? Do you agree with my feelings or disagree? See you later. Peace.
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