EDITORIAL: A Justice League Composed of DC's Failed Film Heroes

EDITORIAL: A Justice League Composed of DC's Failed Film Heroes

What if the movie Batman vs Superman just happened to suddenly get shelved? What would be WB/DC next best option to go to if they want to make a quick major film to rival Marvel's own? This is an idea in mind of what the first option should be. Read on fans!

Hello everyone, one thing I do love to discuss besides Marvel is DC Comics and right now there upcoming accomplishments they are set to achieve with the help of WB. But with that in mind many great projects can fall apart in an instant. This is the what if scenario in mind if Batman vs Superman gets shelved meaning they would have to restart their plans for their own cinematic universe again. Although that, they would still need a major film to rival Marvel's own. Let's go by that scenario if all of this has happened. What is DC/WB next best option? Their next best option is to look back on their other films that hasn't had a huge success. Mainly the DC films that were considered failures by fans. Referring back to most of their standalone projects such as Steel. What did they all have in common truly, it was an idea. An idea to bring together a specific character to a specific audience. This is an idea that has not been changed at all and it is still a standard. If Batman vs Superman suddenly gets shelved, there is still an idea that existed in the past they could bring together quickly. That is the exact plan they should use in mind. To bring those other heroes for their own special Justice League.

Most of the characters in Marvel's Avengers are fairly new to film. Thor, Captain America, and many others were introduced in about one film before moving on to The Avengers. So to bring Shaquille O'Neal's version of Steel and Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern in a separate Justice League would be reasonable since they have been introduced before within film. Once you tell their origins one way or another it's just possible to move on to the actual story and action and to limit the character development since they have been already developed. Even borrowing past villains from those films. They could use Nuclear Man from Superman IV: The Quest for Peace as the main villain since he was a character that has already been developed. Nuclear Man would not only be a major threat to Earth but fans would be afraid since they know the power he is capable of. Giving the film a sense of unpredictably.

Now just because these films with these characters and actors failed doesn't mean when you bring them together for their own movie it will fail also. You would need a good writer to improve on set concepts already and then a great director to help move it in a cinematic view. All of the actors should reprise their respect roles because they are the ones that made the role their own and original. This is the roster and appropriate casting that should follow : George Clooney Batman (Leader), Helen Slater Supergirl, Ryan Reynolds Hal Jordan / Green Lantern, Josh Brolin Jonah Hex, Halle Berry Catwoman, and Chris O'Donnell Robin. Even though you could argue as a fan to say some of the characters weren't treated properly, it's a chance for redemption to bring that same character and actor back and those same origins for a better film project. Even if Batman vs Superman works out fine and get's through this should still be a stand alone idea/concept WB should consider in favor of reaching more towards the true fans.

I am sure many of you would greatly appreciate to see them back on the screen once again. For the idea of them to work together to stop Nuclear Man one of Superman's greatest foes or fighting a cause of saving humanity itself.

What would you think of this idea if it came in discussion and actually was being put together? Would this be the best possible option if all else fails with Batman vs Superman? Voice your opinions down in the comments below!

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