EDITORIAL: My Idea For A Justice League Trilogy And Longer

EDITORIAL: My Idea For A Justice League Trilogy And Longer

LEVITIKUZ shares his thoughts for the Justice League trilogy. What heroes, villains, and stories should be told.

Lately, I’ve been posting in articles a Justice League trilogy idea I have. I feel that I should make this an article and explain why. Not there is a major difference between what could happen in a DC Universe happen and what could happen in the Marvel Univere (the Marvel Universe I’m talking about is the Disney one. Sorry Fox but you can’t win this.). DC has all their heroes and villains, Marvel doesn’t. DC has all their major villains, while Marvel is missing some big guns. Marvel is without Dr. Doom, Magneto, Apocalypse, Doc Ock, and Galactus. Those are some big guns. DC you have all their villains so use them wisely. Here is my idea for not only a Justice League trilogy but ideas beyond a trilogy.


Heroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash (don’t care if its Wally or Bart), John Stewart Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter

Villain: Darkseid

I don’t want to say “let’s make it like The Avengers” but at the same time, because the Justice League and the Avengers is so similar it’s impossible for them not to be influenced by one another. The story idea is mostly based off the New 52 Justice League story. The main difference is instead of Cyborg we have Martian Manhunter. I chose John Stewart over Hal Jordan because John is by favorite Lantern and also to show people that the 2011 Green Lantern film isn’t involved with this. Some fans are already saying that people will get Darkseid and Thanos mixed up, so if people are going to get them mixed up then if there is a new Hal Jordan then why people would mix the Hal in JL and the Hal in GL? Let’s be honest, no matter how much we defend Green Lantern in the end we were all disappointed in the film. I rather the Justice League not be a part of that film. Darkseid is a great villain to use. He is known to the public. Darkseid is also a threat where one can say “Not even Superman can stop him alone.” It’s important for the first villain to get the Justice League to come together be stronger and more powerful than Superman because people will just say “Why does Superman need help? He’s Superman.” Have Darkseid invade the Earth but explain why of course. Also keep the story simple. This should introduce people to these heroes. Save the mind binding, Chris Nolanesqe, story ideas for future films. It’s not smart to start that way for the first film. Also have Aquaman introduced like Wolverine in the X-Men. Like in the New 52 Justice League, have Aqauman come up from the water and have him say “They attacked down below. So who’s in charge? I say me.” Have Flash make some jokes and then include THAT Aquaman scene. We all know what scene I’m talking about.

After Credits Scene: Bruce Wayne invites Clark Kent to Wayne Tower. He tells Clark that he is Batman and he knows Clark is Superman. He shows Clark some plans for the Watchtower.

Justice League: Tower of Babel

Heroes: Heroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash (still don’t care if its Wally or Bart), John Stewart Green Lantern, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg

Villain: Ra’s al Ghul

First off, many people wonder “how do you top Darkseid in a sequel?” YOU DUMMIES YOU DON’T!!!! You can’t find a villain more powerful than Darkseid and you shouldn’t be worried about finding a villain you can top him. You just have to find a villain who is as deadly as Darkseid. Ra’s al Ghul comes to mind. A sequel should be smaller but darker. More personal. We have the Justice League together, now let’s cause friction between this lead. Ra’s might not be more powerful but he’s as deadly.

My idea for a second is based off the graphic novel Tower of Babel. Some parts also come from the animated movie Justice League: Doom. I like the idea of maybe the Royal Flash Gang or some type of super villain team foe that keeps the Justice League busy to began and also they use high tech so that call Cyborg in for help. While the JL is busy with that, Ra’s sends Talia to the Batcave to steal Batman’s plans on how to defeat the League. Ra’s goes through with Batman’s plans and goes after the members of the Justice League. Batman is unable to save them because, like in the comics, Ra’s steals his parent’s graves and Batman’s attention is more focused to that. As Batman goes to save the Justice League, he calls Cyborg for backup. He tells them he needs help to save the Justice League. Now I don’t want to tell the whole book by here is my idea for an ending. After Bruce gets his parents bodies back, before he puts them back in, he talks to Alfred. Alfred tells him that he should be worried. There is no way they can trust him again. Batman calls Superman to the Batcave. They talk and Batman says that because he broke everyone’s truth that there is only one way he can earn it back and Superman must do it too. He must reveal his identity. As I said in the first film, Batman and Superman are the only ones who know each other’s identity. The Justice League calls Cyborg to the Watchtower and tells them that because of their help through this crisis, they are now members of the Justice League. When bringing up what to do with Batman, Superman says Batman is in the next room. Batman is in the next room. He states why he may those plans and reveals his identity to them. Superman does the same which prompts Green Lantern and Flash to reveal them. Batman stays in the League.

After Credits Scene: Bruce Wayne returns to rebury his parent’s graves with Alfred’s help. After they are finished, Bruce wonders “why did Ra’s only take my parents graves and not Jason’s grave?” Bruce digs up Jason graves, opens the casket, and finds out that Jason’s body is gone

Justice League 3

Heroes: Heroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash (asd I said before, don’t care if its Wally or Bart), John Stewart Green Lantern, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Static Shock

Villain: Brainiac

As I was thinking of who to use for the third film, I wondered who would be perfect. I don’t like the idea of the Legion of Doom or any super villain themed team up yet. I don’t like the idea of Vandal Savage just yet. The best idea I have is Brainiac. In the world we live in, we are so depended on technology. I would like an idea that has Brainiac have an invasion like Darkseid. I thought about including Lex Luthor but took him out. We will have three new members of the Justice League. Green Arrow and Black Canary will join as like a two-for-one deal. Also joining will be Static Shock. Before anyone says anything about Static, I’m a big fan of his animated series and he’s one of my favorite characters and I just want him to get some respect.










Thoughts? Comment below. Peace.
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