EXCLUSIVE: Warner Brothers Kicking Around The Idea Of Using LOBO In JUSTICE LEAGUE

<font color=red>EXCLUSIVE</font>: Warner Brothers Kicking Around The Idea Of Using LOBO In JUSTICE LEAGUE

Recently the only Justice League movie news we have been getting is who may or may not be directing the movie, but it seems that Warner Brothers might be looking to amp up the story by including Lobo.

Warner Brothers is going to be looking to get the most bang for their buck when they finally get around to producing a Justice League movie. A while back I reported to you that DC will be working towards a shared universe with their next film, Man Of Steel. The Justice League film is said to bring DC Comics all-stars such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern together on the big screen. However, there might be one name added to the list. According to my source Warner Brothers is tossing around the idea of including Lobo in the film, that Will Beall is currently writing. It has not been disclosed whether or not Lobo would help or fight the League, but having them in there is sure to please some fans. This would not be a total shocker since they are currently developing a Lobo film with Brad Peyton handling writing and directing duties along with having Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson interested in playing the title character.

Keep in mind this is only in the brainstorming stage at the moment so it is not a done deal, and there is a possibility they may not decide to do it at all. There is currently no timetable on the Lobo project, but WB is wanting to get Justice League off the ground for a 2015 release date so it very well could be before then. For the latest on Lobo and Justice League make sure you check back here at CBM.

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