FEATURE: DC Movie Adaptations, What We Know And What Might Be

FEATURE: DC Movie Adaptations, What We Know And What Might Be

It's no secret what Marvel's strategy for their films have been, but DC is still clouded with speculation and what might be. Click here to take a look at information that has been confirmed as well as some rumors regarding WB and DC's top heroes.

It's been a while since we have had any major news coming from Warner Brothers and DC on their movie front. The last major news was after a huge court win over rights to Superman, WB will look to unleash Justice League on the world. Other than that however, we have not much news. I have decided to put together this article, to compile little bits information and rumors about what we do know about DC's upcoming movie outings. While there has been some chatter about a possible Justice League Dark movie, and a Lobo film, I have focused this primarily on the major characters that have movies either in the works, or that we have concrete information on.


Here we are, DC's answer to Marvel's blockbuster The Avengers. The news on Justice League is that we can expect to see it in 2015. Will Beall has been hired to write the script for it, but with wanting to get the movie out in a little more than two years with no director attached could prove to be a big task. From what has been reported we can at least expect to see Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and The Flash in the film. I have also heard from a source that works as Warner Brothers that Lobo could be in the movie, although whether he is a hero or villain is not clear. The hope is to release Justice League and then spin off into individual movies from there, with the exception of Superman, who will star in next Summer's Man Of Steel.


Superman is hero that we know most about. Zack Snyder is bringing Supes to the big screen in next year's Man Of Steel. My source inside WB has told me the movie is going to be dropping hints of a shared DC Universe. I was also told by the same source that we can expect a war torn Krypton in the movie, but don't expect Michael Shannon to utter the famous "Kneel before Zod" line. Henry Cavil has been cast as Superman, with only one official look at him in his costume. There has also been a trailer released with two different voice overs, one from Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent and one from Russel Crow as Jor-El. Rumor has it that Cavill has re-worked his contract so he can appear in more than just Superman movies. A toy commercial was also revealed that could contain certain spoilers to the film. To check that out, click HERE.


With Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy wrapping up earlier this year, information on Batman's next movie outing has been sparse. What has been rumored is that Batman will be part of the Justice League film, and will for sure get his own spin off movie after it. The latest rumor on the Batman casting front is that WB might be looking again at Armie Hammer, who was cast as The Dark Knight in Justice League Mortal. With Batman proving to be one Warner Brother's most profitable character, I don't image we will see him sitting on the shelf for too long.


Wonder Woman has been tricky for WB. First, they had Joss Whedon pitch them a story that they turned down. And as every fanboy and girl knows Whedon went on to knock it out of the park for Marvel with The Avengers. Then, they had the Wonder Woman TV show pilot that stared Adrianne Palicki as the title character, that failed to get picked up. Two big rumors with Wonder Woman are happening right now. The first one is that Warner Brothers might give a TV show a shot again only this time on the CW. The second comes from my source at the studio, who has said that Wonder Woman could possibly make a very very brief (and I stress brief) blink and you will miss it appearance in Man Of Steel. I was told the scene was shot, but it is not a given that it will be in the final cut of the film. The source went on to tell me that Wonder Woman is high on the WB priority list.


Right there with Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, is another character in DC's stable that they might have issues with. The main culprit for GL though, is the failed movie that stared Ryan Reynolds and was directed by Martian Campbell. The movie's budget was right around 200 Million, and barely made it back at the box office. WB has tapped the writers from the first film, Greg Berlanti Michael Green, and Marc Guggenheim to provide a treatment for a sequel. However, when I spoke to Guggenheim along with Miss Oracle and Mark Julian he said that he did not have an update on the sequel.


The Flash has been on the radar for years now. There have been many different people who have taken a crack at the script including Marc Guggenhime who told us on the Cadmus Podcast, "I really really hope The Flash movie sees the light of day, because I'm really quite proud of it. I think it was the right take for the character. It has a lot of the same elements that people are responding to in Arrow. The nice things about Screenplays is they don't age." While talking about his take on The Flash, Dan Mazeau, said that Barry Allen was high on the WB's list as which Flash they were going to use. The Flash has been in development for years, and some say he suffered a major set back when Green Lantern tanked at the box office.

Not all this information has been confirmed so take some of what your reading with a grain of salt. Like I stated earlier, the curt ruling in Warner Brothers favor over the rights to Superman, is helping to speed things a long. If I have missed a certain rumor or bit of information that you would like to share, please feel free to leave it in the comments section and discuss it among your selves. for the latest on all things DC movie universe check back here at CBM.

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