Forbes Speculate that Batman will Direct JUSTICE LEAGUE

Forbes Speculate that Batman will Direct JUSTICE LEAGUE

With all the Speculation on the Man of Steel sequel and the 10 month push back, Mark Hughes has a Logical Speculation that Ben Affleck will direct the DC's ensemble movie...Hit the Jump to find out more...


We all know that Ben Afleck turned down the Justice League project before Zack Snyder and David Goyer had a new vision on how the DC Cinematic Universe should pan out, hence Warner's shelving Will Beall screenplay

Ben Affleck has already bought his own writers on board and now Forbes writer Mark Hughes has his own speculation that our new Batman will be given the roles to direct WB biggest tent pole movie, the Justice league movie.
'Having Ben Affleck aboard was doubly valuable, not only for his acting skills and popularity but also for his writing and directing abilities. As an Oscar-winning screenwriter and producer, and someone widely acknowledged as having been snubbed for a Best Director Oscar nomination (for Argo, and I also personally think he should’ve also been nominated for Gone Baby Gone), he is one of the finest directors in cinema today.
So, the question is, with Snyder directing Batman vs. Superman, will he be able to do months of post-production on that film and still get started on a Justice League movie in time for it to get finished and released within a year of Batman vs. Superman? Or should we start discussing the possibility that Warner might be negotiating with Ben Affleck to direct Justice League'

So what do you think, Do you want Ben Afleck to direct the Justice League movie?

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