Guillermo del Toro Offers a Brief Update on the JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Project

Guillermo del Toro Offers a Brief Update on the JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Project

In a recent interview with Total Film, director Guillermo del Toro dropped a few new details about the movie adaptation project of Justice League Dark (tentatively titled Dark Universe) he's attached to, including the story arc he'd like to concentrate upon in the movie. Check it out after the jump...

Following the release of Mama in the United Kingdom, Total Film recently chatted with the producer of the Andres Muschietti-helmed horror outing, Guillermo del Toro (Blade II, Hellboy movie series, Pan's Labyrinth). And with the famed director's recent attachment to DC Comics' Justice League Dark adaptation project - currently titled Heaven Sent Dark Universe - of course the website didn't skip the chance to question him about his "comic book passion project." Certainly, del Toro remained secretive about the vital details, but here's what he had to offer about the project's development. "I am going to be presenting my storyline to DC and Warners of where I want to take this universe," he said. "We do have a writer, but until that is firmed up, I have to keep it a secret. I hope it happens."

It may come up as no surprise, but the Pacific Rim director admitted that he's always been a big fan of the characters related to the team. "It's going really, really well. It's like meeting old friends. I grew up with Demon Etrigan, with Swamp Thing, with Deadman, so these are characters that are near and dear to my heart." When asked about the story arc we should expect to see in the movie, Guillermo del Toro explained that he prefers one that pulls in the characters' origin tales, rather than the arc currently ongoing in the comics. "I'd love to use the origins that are proper to each character. I love the idea of Jason Blood as a paladin and a knight...I love the entire Constantine mythology, the Dead Man mythology, the Alec Holland Swamp Thing mythology. These are really rich things to well, and to dig." What do you think of this? As usual, be sure to sound off with your thoughts on the space provided below.

Justice League Dark is a team of supernatural heroes within the DC Universe, brought together by Madame Xanadu and led by sorcerer John Constantine. It is an ongoing DC Comics series, first announced as part of the company's universe wide overhaul, and was written by Peter Milligan, with art by Mikel Janin. The title launched on September 28, 2011. From issue nine, writer Jeff Lemire became the principal writer on the series.

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