Guillermo Del Toro Says He Is "Discussing" That JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Movie

Guillermo Del Toro Says He Is "Discussing" That JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Movie

Last week we ran a rumor that the fan-favorite director may, in time, helm a DC movie based on members of the Justice League Dark called "Heaven Sent". This appeared to have been debunked, but it turns out Del Toro IS interested after all, and has been in talks about it..

When we heard Guillermo Del Toro was set to direct a movie based around some of the darker, magical DC Comics characters such as John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Zantana, Deadman etc, we took it with that ever ready grain of salt. Then when we heard Del Toro had denied any knowledge of this, it seemed it was destined to be one of those great "what if" stories. Well it turns out it may not have been a rumor after all, as Del Toro definitely sounds interested, and even says he's been "discussing" the possibility of a movie. Here's what the Hellboy director had to say to MTV Geek..

"When somebody asked me about "Justice League"…I'm not involved in "Justice League." I am discussing…I've been discussing with the fans and I've been very, very open about how much "Swamp Thing" was key when I was a kid. Comics in Mexico came on the first two days of the week. Around Tuesday and Wednesday I would go to the newsstand on my bicycle and I would get "Swamp Thing" every time it was available and I loved Jack Kirby's "Demon". I love Constantine and all that. You know, I've been pursuing doing something with them for many, many years. Hopefully it'll come to pass. But we are still just discussing."

So it sounds as if this is more in the to-do-list category for Del Toro, and it might be some time before any movement is made on it - if ever. Still, it's good to know that he is "pursuing" it anyway. Any and all updates as we have em.

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