Guillermo Del Toro Says His JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Movie Is "Very Active"

Guillermo Del Toro Says His JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Movie Is "Very Active"

Many fans seem to think that del Toro's planned Dark Universe movie is something that will never actually happen, but while speaking to Collider the director confirms that after one more revision from the still unannounced writer, they'll be good to go..

Guillermo del Toro is known for juggling many projects at once, and in the past has been linked with several movies and tv shows etc that have since been scrapped -- so it's hard to blame fans that might be skeptical that his adaptation of DC's Justice League Dark (currently known as "Dark Universe") will ever get off the ground. But, the Pacific Rim director certainly sounds adamant that it'll happen in an interview with Collider. Del Toro reveals that Dark Universe is the English language project he's enjoyed working on most, and that when this "big" writer comes on board for one final revision, they'll be all set.

“Justice League Dark is very active. I’m doing one more revision while we wait for the writer. It’s somebody big, [and] we’re patiently waiting for that writer. I think it’s worth it, I think it’s a guy we all admire. I’m doing my revisions on my sort of Bible, on my story for the film. I can tell you it’s the writing project I’ve enjoyed the most in English. Devil’s Backbone and Pan’s Labyrinth are in Spanish, but of all my writing and screenplays, this was so much fun because it was character. It was a pretty easy plot, but the character interaction, Swamp Thing with Deadman and Demon, it’s so joyful for me to write that. Constantine is such a great character, so dry. I think it could be a great movie. I don’t want to do many changes until the proper writer comes onboard.”

While doing press for Pacific Rim del Toro was also asked if he had anyone in mind to play John Constantine. Of course he gave no reply, but did confirm that this incarnation of the character would most definitely be "bond, British, and smoking cigarettes!". For more from del Toro on his Haunted Mansion movies (which he will now only produce and not direct) click on the link below.

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