How should the Justice League Movie be properly introduced?

What would fit within a Justice League movie?

Here is my take on what could possibly work within that development:

1: Heroes introduced correctly!

The primary focus of attention is always character development, but the issue relies on which should be focused the most. We all know that Superman and Batman is what makes JL what it is, but again what will make the movie great, which Marvel did right, is to develop the characters, make them become almost real to the audience, a sense of connection.

With CGI being fantastic today, it seems that's the "golden egg" of the movie industries, but in reality this shouldn't be their "ace in the whole" when it comes to making a great comic book or video game based movie. What makes the movie great is really two things, great actors/actresses and a great story line.

Now with that out the way here is what I'm thinking:

We all know the studio is already in the works with developing Superman with the release of Man of Steel next year, and we'll have to wait how that will turn out. (Hoping for the best!)

The next character will have to be, Batman, now many I've read earlier are saying lets bring in the original suit of him wearing gray and black. Now this is great and all, but will it really work? No, because if this image of Batman was going to work, it would have been used before, especially Tim Burton's rendering of Batman. It's likely that it would fit best with his semi-armor suit, with all of his gadgets of course. Should they bring in the origin story, again? No, but they can do it in bits, like during the course of the Batman film, they show flashbacks that show him becoming who he is, reminding him of why he is Batman. I do agree that they should pick up his story with him already Batman, and already have a reputation of capturing criminals of Gotham City.

Next on my list will have to be Wonder Woman, because her character has been unjustly, no pun intended, developed in past films and Tv shows horribly. The element that they are missing is simply this, leave her story in Themyscira. As an example of what I'm saying is they should make the movie similar to that of 300, but not too gruesome, and little like Clash of the Titans. They should introduce Wonder Woman as a Warrior and of course her outfit should reflect that she is from Greek Mythology, not the United States. If they leave the entire movie in that format, that will be a very entertaining film. Now what they can do to make it fit with JL would be that at the end is when she leaves and goes to America, only to be met by Superman.

The Flash is very difficult one to do, because there isn't much you can do besides make a movie based on his powers. One way that I think will make this film work is that they concentrate on his character as Barry Allen instead of keeping it on him as being The Flash throughout. Not too many interesting villains to use, but again this movie would be extremely difficult to produce without ridicule.

Martian the Man Hunter could be a great film, if again like Wonder Woman, keep the movie centralized on where they are from. Make the story explain his origin, and how he ends up coming to earth, and meets Batman. With his story being that he is from Mars, this has endless possibilities as far story, and CGI graphics.

The other JL heroes could just appear within the movie, with them being briefly introduced by either Superman or Batman.

2: The style of the movie!

The majority of the population enjoyed thoroughly the making of The Avengers. This film was made with high expectations, and those expectations, to my opinion, has been met with flying colors.

How can a JL movie top that? It could but using different elements than what Marvel used. Instead of concentrating on the special affects, they should concentrate on the story, and only give little CGI effects, as a teaser, so that the audience can beg for a sequel. Once the sequel is developed than they can introduce more CGI, as long as they don't get suckered in to just developing a "eye popping" movie like Transformers, in order to sell more merchandise, but than lack story.

Those were my two takes on what I think could make a Justice League movie work and compete with Marvel, what are your opinions and/or what more could be added?
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