Is Ryan Gosling Interested In Playing The Flash In JUSTICE LEAGUE?

Is Ryan Gosling Interested In Playing The Flash In JUSTICE LEAGUE?

Currently Ryan Gosling is doing press for his new movie, "Gangster Squad," and Screen Crave asked if the actor would have interest in a superhero role, specifically pointing out that The Flash is still up for grabs in Warner Bros. Justice League film.

Ryan Gosling, hasn't done a comic book superhero role yet, but that hasn't stopped fan-casters from penciling him in as their favorite choice for The Flash, or Bruce Wayne, and of course his blonde locks make him an easy choice for Aquaman. When Screen Crave approached the actor about possibly suiting up for Warner Bros. upcoming summer tentpole, Justice League, the actor didn't exactly come off as excited playing The Flash.

Screen Crave: Here’s a question I’m sure a lot of fans want an answer to. When are you going to do a superhero movie?

Ryan Gosling: Well, they’re all taken.

Screen Crave: Not true. Justice League is coming out in 2015. Superman and Batman are taken. But The Flash and maybe even Green Lantern are up for grabs.

Ryan Gosling: Well Ryan Reynolds is Green Lantern. I can get Flash basically.

Screen Crave: So would you ever do one though?

Ryan Gosling: Here’s the thing. Drive was my attempt at the superhero movie. I had a costume and everything. The scorpion jacket. It was like my cape. It was like the idea of a guy that had seen too many superhero movies and then decided that he was going to make himself one.

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