It Appears Joss Whedon Is Getting A Co-Director Credit On JUSTICE LEAGUE

It Appears Joss Whedon Is Getting A Co-Director Credit On JUSTICE LEAGUE

In case you had any doubts about just how much work Joss Whedon is doing on Justice League, it now appears as if The Avengers director will be getting equal credit on the highly anticipated DC movie.

We recently learned that the reshoots Joss Whedon is helming for Justice League are "extensive," and, as you can see below, they're clearly going to be big enough for Warner Bros. and the Directors Guild of America to give him a co-director credit on the movie. When someone else does step in to take charge of reshoots, they more often than not keep under the radar or don't do enough to warrant a mention (Tony Gilroy on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Simon Kinberg on Fantastic Four, for example).

That's clearly not the case with Whedon but it was probably to be expected. Whedon is in charge of not only reshoots but the entire post-production process, while he's even changed key elements like the composer handing the score! Chances are Whedon also wants to be acknowledged for his work. 

Snyder wished the cast and crew of Justice League luck ahead of Warner Bros.' Hall H panel on Saturday so there don't appear to be any hard feelings but this is one story we may never learn the full truth about. How do you guys feel about Whedon possibly being named Justice League's co-director?

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