JUSTICE LEAGUE: 26 Mind-Blowing Pieces Of Brand New Concept Art You Need To See

JUSTICE LEAGUE: 26 Mind-Blowing Pieces Of Brand New Concept Art You Need To See

An incredible batch of brand new concept art for Justice League has been revealed and it focuses on everything from Steppenwolf's initial attack on Earth to Atlantis, Superman, Batman's vehicles, and more.

Justice League hits theaters this Friday and a brand new batch of concept art for the movie has found its way online today. As you can see below, it focuses on everything from Steppenwolf to his Parademons, not to mention the various members of the superhero team alongside the locations and vehicles associated with them. There's even a sketch of Superman, not to mention Atlantis and Mera.

We've caught glimpses of the latter two in the trailers for the DC Comics adaptation but Arthur Curry's home looks truly out of this world and somewhere we'll get to explore in-depth next December. 

For now, though, Justice League will give us our first look at that iconic location and this artwork provides a much better look at what to expect. Bruce Wayne's new vehicles also get the spotlight below as we see both sketches and artwork of the likes of the Knightcrawler and Flying Fox. Rest assured, if you're not excited to see this movie on Friday, you will be after seeing this batch of artwork.

To view the list of artwork in its entirety, simply click on the VIEW LIST (ONE PAGE) button below!

Steppenwolf Stands Tall


Heroes Board The Flying Fox


Superman Returns


Batmobile Under Attack




Atlantis' Mother Box




Cyborg Sketch


Burn Parademons, Burn


Mera #1


Mera #2


Gotham City Rooftop


Gotham City Gargoyle


Cyborg Design


Parademon Weapon






Batmobile Sketch


Flying Fox Sketch


Knightcrawler Sketch


Arthur Curry Returns To Atlantis


More Atlantis




Atlantis Sketch


Cyborg Concepts


The Aquaman

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