JUSTICE LEAGUE: Artist Jerad S. Marantz Shares An Early Piece Of Batman Tactical Suit Concept Art

JUSTICE LEAGUE: Artist Jerad S. Marantz Shares An Early Piece Of Batman Tactical Suit Concept Art

Jerad S. Marantz hopped on Twitter to share a piece of concept art depicting an alternate version of Batman's (Ben Affleck) tactical suit for the recent Justice League movie. Click on to take a look...

With the mixed reviews Justice League received coupled with the film having two very different directors working on it, there has been a lot of discussion as to who was responsible for what for every aspect of the film. From scenes and characters that didn't make the final cut, to the overall direction of the film, there is a lot to talk about.

Of course, one aspect not exempt from this is costume design.

Artist Jerad S. Marantz took to Instagram to reveal a piece of concept art showing an alternate version of Batman's tactical suit. This suit features a weaving of kevlar mesh and armor plating, an exoskeleton to give him an advantage over the Parademons, and a cowl that is very reminiscent of The Watchmen's Night Owl. If you look closer at the cowl, you'll notice that it has collar bone reinforcements, as well as what looks like throat protection / voice modulation, to create Ben Affleck's Bat-voice.

Peep it out below.


#batman #tactical #conceptart for #justiceleague Always an honor to work on a bat suit. I had an incredible time working on the concept art for costume designer @michaelwilkinson in London with the amazing crew at #warnerbros #leavesdenstudios The artists on this show really brought it! Thanks to @brookedibbs @hodge1001 and Mark Trunk for being so friendly! I think I was in the Uk for a couple of months after working with the the great LA team: @constantinesekeris @pboutte @ianjoynerart @keltoncram Special thanks to Stephanie Porter the assistant costume designer that balanced her incredibly challenging job with babysitting me and making sure I didn’t get lost riding the tubes 😊 #dccomics #dccinematicuniverse #wonderwoman #cyborg #aquaman #theflash #steppenwolf #parademons #kirby #zbrush #costume #zbrushsculpt #keyshot

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What do you think of this version of his tactical suit? Sound off below!

Justice League is now in theaters
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