JUSTICE LEAGUE: From Green Lantern To Controversial Reshoots - Every New Rumor And Detail You Need To Know

JUSTICE LEAGUE: From Green Lantern To Controversial Reshoots - Every New Rumor And Detail You Need To Know

Justice League is the final superhero movie of 2017 and with just over a week to go until it's released, we have everything you need to know about the DC Comics adaptation in our in-depth walkthrough...

Justice League is now just a little over a week away from being released and anticipation for the upcoming DC Comics adaptation is understandably at an all-time high. That's despite the fact that there have been a lot of behind the scenes changes, including Joss Whedon replacing Zack Snyder as the director for reshoots and post-production which have reportedly changed the movie in a big way. 

Throw in the almost countless rumours which have been doing the rounds over the past year or two in regards to the plot and it's fair to say that there's an awful lot of conflicting information out there. 

It's lucky for you then that we've sifted through it all to bring you everything you need to know about Justice League. From cameo appearances to plot twists and specifics on what exactly has been going on with all the changes Warner Bros. has made to it since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released, this is your in-depth guide to the DC Comics movie and what you should expect.

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Joss Whedon Has Removed The Cliffhanger Ending

Rumour has it that Justice League was originally going to end with a huge cliffhanger. This is something we've been hearing pretty much since before the cameras started rolling with Green Lantern's arrival on Earth and Darkseid's return both said to be possibilities for what that might entail. Well, things have changed and it's since been said that Joss Whedon made the decision to remove this scene!

There Will Be An After-Credits Scene

The DC Films Universe is very different to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, hence why we've never really got after-credits scenes. However, that's going to change with Justice League as Jason Momoa recently confirmed that this movie has one and it sounds like it will have major ramifications for the franchise moving forward. My money is on it somehow involving the villainous Darkseid. 

This Is Probably Ben Affleck's Final Appearance As Batman

Ben Affleck's future as Batman has been very much up in the air for quite some time now and while he tried to remain positive about his future as the Caped Crusader over Comic-Con, a recent interview saw him respond extremely unenthusiastically about the prospect of reprising the role, so it will be interesting seeing if Justice League ends up killing him off or writing him out of the DC Films Universe.

Cyborg's New Origin Story

Justice League is going to serve as an introduction for many new characters in the DC Films Universe and chief among those is Cyborg. While he's still going to be a star athlete who was saved by his father in this world, his injuries will come as a result of a car accident rather than Darkseid's attack on Earth. That means he will have Victor Stone will have been Cyborg for quite some time here. 

Joss Whedon Has Dropped Lex Luthor's Scenes

It was confirmed that Jesse Eisenberg would return as Lex Luthor in Justice League some time ago but recent reports from test screenings have claimed that he's been cut from the movie, something which makes sense if Warner Bros. is looking to move away from some of the complicated plot points introduced in Batman v Superman.

One Crucial Piece Of Flash Lore Won't Be Used

This version of the Flash looks set to be quite a bit different to what we're used to as Barry Allen is both an inexperienced hero and not even qualified as a CSI when we meet him in Justice League. That's why he's sporting a homemade costume and, as a result, we can forget about seeing his suit come out of a ring as Ezra Miller has confirmed that won't happen in this superhero ensemble.

An Appearance From A Member Of The Green Lantern Corps

There's been speculation for a while now that a Green Lantern will show up in Justice League and while many fans are hoping that will be Hal Jordan, the reality is that we're probably only going to see the Corps in flashbacks (bear in mind that Steppenwolf mentions they're not currently present on Earth in one of the trailers). 

Joss Whedon Has A Writers Credit

Joss Whedon was hired to work on Justice League before Zack Snyder stepped down as director because while Warner Bros. was happy with the filmmaker's first cut, they still felt it needed more levity. That's why Whedon - who had already agreed to write and direct Batgirl for the studio - was asked to pen the reshoots and he's done enough work on the movie to earn a writers credit. 

It's Not Going To Be A Comedy...

All we've been hearing in recent months is that Warner Bros. wishes to lighten the tone of Justice League but that doesn't mean it's going to become a comedy! Producer Charles Roven has been quoted as saying that recently and while humour is definitely going to play a role in the movie - mostly thanks to Ezra Miller's Flash, it seems - that doesn't mean it's going to be like Thor: Ragnarok

...But It Will Boast A Much Lighter Tone

As we said, Justice League is going to have a much different tone to the likes of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad and that's because Warner Bros. is moving away from darker superhero movies. They found a lot of success with those in The Dark Knight Trilogy but times have changed and moviegoers seemingly want something different now. So, yeah, expect to see Batman smile! 

How Steppenwolf Ties To Darkseid

There have been a few different reports about Steppenwolf's familial tie to Darkseid in the DC Films Universe but the prevailing opinion appears to be that he is going to be his nephew rather than his uncle. That makes a lot of sense too as having Darkseid be higher up the family tree means that it's easier to see why the villain would send him to Earth on his behalf to once again start an invasion. 

Wonder Woman Hasn't Been Given A Larger Role

Wonder Woman was a bigger success than Warner Bros. - or any of us for that matter - could have expected but that doesn't mean the iconic superhero has been given a significantly larger role in Justice League. Gal Gadot has confirmed that the reshoots weren't done to expand Diana Prince's screentime and that nothing has really changed about the sort of role she'll have in the movie. 

Iris West May Have Been Cut From The Movie

Joss Whedon has made a lot of changes to Justice League but perhaps the biggest will be the fact that Iris West has been cut from the movie. While Kiersey Clemons is still expected to play the character in the DC Films Universe, it appears as if the decision has been made to save her for Flashpoint, a sign perhaps that Warner Bros. is taking the character in a different direction.

The Three Mother Boxes

There are going to be three Mother Boxes in Justice League and a flashback will reveal that they were split between men, Atlanteans, and Amazons centuries ago when Darkseid first tried attacking Earth. However, the interesting twist here is that Cyborg is going to be the third Mother Box because that is indeed what his father used to save his life in Batman v Superman

Superman May Don The Black Suit

Various pieces of evidence indicating that Superman will wear the black suit in Justice League have been doing the rounds for well over a year now, including action figures and various pieces of merchandise. Henry Cavill has hinted that it could happen but nothing has been confirmed and every official promo image shows the Man of Steel in his classic red and blue costume! 

Sequel Plans Aren't Being Put In Place...Yet

Understandably, Warner Bros. is taking a wait and see approach with Justice League and the movie's producers have confirmed that no one is talking about a sequel quite yet. That's quite a bit different to Marvel Studios and it's a shame that Justice League is considered a risky venture as opposed to a guaranteed hit. However, it's possible Flashpoint is going to serve as a follow-up!

Zack Snyder Probably Won't Return To The DC Films Universe

Geoff Johns wanted Man of Steel to have a much lighter tone but he wasn't in a position to make that happen back then. It's since been made clear that Zack Snyder's take on superheroes is much different to what those in power - and audiences, it seems - want, hence why Snyder doesn't seem overly keen on returning to the DC Films Universe. Sadly, he probably isn't wanted back either!

Test Screenings Are Scoring Almost As High As Wonder Woman

Test screenings for Justice League have been taking place for a while now and a recent report from The Wall Street Journal claimed that those have been going very well (specifically with the final cut of the movie). In fact, the superhero ensemble is almost scoring as well as Wonder Woman and that obviously bodes well for its chances of critical and commercial success later this month.

Danny Elfman Is Incorporating Some Classic Themes

Joss Whedon made the decision to replace composer Junkie XL with Danny Elfman and that's obviously going to give Justice League a very different feel. He's since revealed that Batman's theme from Tim Burton's classic move will make its return, while John Williams' Superman score will be incorporated in a very unique - and reportedly dark and twisted - manner. 

Removing Superman's Moustache

Due to his Mission: Impossible 6 commitments, Justice League's reshoots proved to be problematic for Henry Cavill. The actor grew a moustache for his role in that sequel and wasn't allowed to shave it off, hence why it had to be gelled up from his lip and his face had to be covered in dots so it could be removed after the fact. Here's hoping those scenes make it on to the blooper reel, eh? 

Zack Snyder Completely Stepped Away From The Post-Production Process

The tragic death of Zack Snyder's daughter is what led to him deciding to step down as Justice League's director, hence why Joss Whedon took charge of the movie's reshoots. However, if you thought Snyder might become involved with the post-production process, think again, as he's confirmed that once he left the project, he was content passing the reigns over to Whedon.

A Cameo From Hawkman?

This is more speculation than anything else but some eagle-eyed fans believe that they have spotted Hawkman in the trailers for Justice League. That came during the flashback scenes revolving around the war with Darkseid's army in the past but it's far more likely that it was simply a Parademon! It is, of course, possible that Thanagarians will make a surprise appearance, though.

A Visit To Arkham Asylum

In Batman v Superman, the Dark Knight had Lex Luthor transferred to Arkham Asylum so it makes sense that we're going to return there. Unfortunately, with the villain's role very much in doubt, that's probably not going to happen and it was reported quite some time ago that us going there doesn't mean that Jared Leto's Joker will be showing up in any form. 

It Will Run For Less Than Two Hours

We're used to superhero movies being well over two hours these days and Batman v Superman ran for a butt-numbing 150 minutes. Well, Justice League looks set to buck that trend by being less than two hours long, something Warner Bros. boss Kevin Tsujihara reportedly insisted on. That makes this adventure a brief one so here's hoping everyone is given time to shine! 

The Flash Won't Be Called "The Flash"

We've already mentioned that the version of the Flash we're getting in Justice League is a long way from becoming a hero akin to his comic book counterpart but it turns out that he won't even be referred to as "The Flash" here! A deleted scene reportedly featured Barry Allen trying to figure out a codename but it now appears as if that's a moment which is being saved for Flashpoint.

It's A "Direct Sequel" To Batman v Superman

While Warner Bros. is clearly trying to move away from Batman v Superman and Man of Steel in terms of tone, Justice League is still being described as the conclusion of Zack Snyder's trilogy and one magazine report went so far as to claim that things kick off with Clark Kent's funeral. If accurate, that means there's not an awful lot of time between this movie and the events of Batman v Superman.

The Movie Has An Insane Budget

Batman v Superman would have been a lot more profitable had Warner Bros. not allowed Zack Snyder to spend upwards of $250 million on it but Justice League reportedly cost more than $300 million to make once all was said and done. That lines up with previous reports that Joss Whedon's extensive reshoots were set to cost well over $50 million to make a reality. 

Joss Whedon And Zack Snyder's Styles Have Been Meshed Together

Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon are two very different filmmakers and that's left fans worried about their two different styles not meshing together (something which was a major problem for Fantastic Four after Simon Kinberg took charge of reshoots). Well, an effort has been made to ensure that their work does blend together well according to numerous outlets so we don't have to worry!

J.K. Simmons Will Have A Very Minor Role As Commissioner Gordon

J. K. Simmons wasn't involved with Justice League's reshoots and has made it clear that he only has a very small role in the movie regardless. A recently released clip showed him meeting with the team and unless the Caped Crusader pays a visit to Commissioner Gordon by himself, that could be it for the character here. He is, however, expected to return in The Batman.

An Appearance From Black Canary

Quite some time ago, it was rumoured that Black Canary will show up in Justice League. Various names were thrown around but we've heard nothing about that since so this is either a rumour which is totally false or one which may have been accurate at a much earlier stage in development. The character obviously has a presence in Arrow and her still being there also seemingly debunks this.

A Possible Role For John Cleese

Speculation started running rampant last year that John Cleese may have landed a secretive role in Justice League and while we haven't heard anything about that since, it's entirely possible that the legendary British comedian will show up in some form, especially as it was the mandate from day one to inject more humour into this DC Comics movie. 

There's Going To Be A Justice League Day

On November 18th, Warner Bros. is hosting "Justice League Day" in comic book shops all over the world. As well as free comic books featuring new movie-themed artwork, various goodies will be handed out and fans will be given the chance to celebrate the movie in a big way as a result. Whether this winds up becoming an annual occurrence or is just a marketing ploy remains to be seen. 

It Retcons Wonder Woman's Story From Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman made it clear that Diana Prince has essentially been in hiding ever since the events of Wonder Woman when she lost faith in humanity. Well, Gal Gadot has since made it clear that that particular plot point is being retconned as the Amazon Warrior has always been a hero even if the world wasn't aware of her actions. It's fair to say that's a change for the better.

Zack Snyder Is Going To Be Credited As The Sole Director

Despite the fact that Joss Whedon has been in charge of those extensive reshoots and the entire post-production process, it's been confirmed that he won't be getting a co-director credit on Justice League and that Zack Snyder remains the movie's sole director. That's surprising but hopefully a sign that most of the filmmaker's work remains in the final cut. 

A Glimpse Of Darkseid

As of right now, we have no idea if Darkseid is even expected to make any sort of appearance in Justice League. It's thought that the flashback to ancient times will revolve around him as he's the one who led that attack but we may have to forget about seeing any more than that because it's been reported that the villain will indeed be seen (maybe just glimpsed) but not heard here.

Deathstroke Won't Appear

It's been confirmed that the Deathstroke teaser Tweeted out by Ben Affleck was shot on the Flying Fox on the set of Justice League and early reports claimed that we'd see Slade Wilson make some sort of cameo appearance in the movie as a result. Well, that's now been scrapped and if Joe Manganiello does suit up, it won't be in this or The Batman but a solo movie from Gareth Evans.

Arthur Curry Isn't Aquaman Just Yet

Some eagle-eyed comic book fans have noticed that Jason Momoa's Aquaman isn't wielding his trident in Justice League but there's a very good reason for that. He doesn't have it yet because he's not the King of Atlantis and has little interest both in that realm and what goes on on the surface. It will actually be the character's solo film next year that gets him to that point when he clashes with Orm.

Just How Extensive Were Those Reshoots?

There have been various conflicting reports about Justice League's reshoots over the past year or so but the general consensus is that they were pretty extensive. How much they've reshaped the story is unclear but it's thought that Whedon has added a lot of his trademark dialogue and humour in order to bring the movie's tone more in line with The Avengers than Batman v Superman.

It's No Longer A Two-Part Movie

When Justice League was originally announced, the plan was for it to be a two-part movie. Well, that's no longer the case, something which is evident from the loss of the cliffhanger ending we mentioned above. As a result, we can probably expect a standalone story here, something which appears to be the focus of the DC Films Universe as opposed to an overarching narrative.

Superman Might Be A Villain When He Comes Back

When Superman returns - and there are conflicting reports about how that could take place - it's thought that he might not initially be on the side of the Justice League. In fact, he may even be aligned with Steppenwolf when he comes back and seeing the team battle the Man of Steel instead of that CGI villain is arguably going to be a lot more fun. He'll come to his senses eventually!

It's Expected To Be A Box Office Hit

Justice League opens in China the same day as North America, so we're going to have a pretty good idea early on how well the movie will perform at the worldwide box office. Early estimates point to an opening day of over $100 million domestically and assuming the reviews are good (when they finally go live a couple of days before the movie is released), the sky might just be the limit.

The Hall Of Justice

In Justice League, the team will call The Flying Fox home. That's a massive aircraft belonging to Bruce Wayne which is going to be piloted by Alfred but could they have a new base by the time all is said and done? Photos from the set have pointed to the Hall of Justice being introduced and that definitely feels like the sort of location Joss Whedon might have added in for comic book fans.

Steppenwolf = Bona Fide Badass?

There's still an awful lot we don't know about Steppenwolf but one possible character description claimed that he once managed to defeat Doomsday (a different version of him, obviously) so that may tell us all we need to know about how insanely powerful this version of the villain is and why the Justice League would probably be right to hear the foe they assemble to take down.

Are you 
excited for Justice League? Which of these details has you counting down the seconds or possibly fretting about its quality? As always, share your thoughts in the comments section below. 
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