Justice League Movie 2015 vs Solo Movies, A theory. AresWW3

Justice League Movie 2015 vs Solo Movies, A theory. AresWW3

An optimistic theory I have about how WB/DC are really going about a Justice League Feature Film. Could it be that Justice League 2015 is a smoke screen for a more credible, long term plan?

This article is not to debate the relative virtues of a JL Movie in 2015 vs. Solo Movies. I think I´ve pretty much established my view in past on that.
Just so everyone knows, I´m not in anyway against a JL movie coming out before solo movies, as long as: 1. its good
2. it establishes Wonder woman, Aquaman, Flash etc as credible candidates for solo movies
3. it doesn´t rush through and ruin the rest of the teams origins.
4. It establishes a different tone to the Marvel Universe, consistent with Man Of Steel.
If a JL Movie can conform to that kind of high standard of storytelling, I will be happy to support it. However I must add that I´m very skeptical that that is possible, which I´ll explain later on in the article.
The real reason I´m writing this article is it occurred to me that Warner Brothers maybe more shrewd than a lot of us are giving them credit for. They surely must see that this movie cannot be a critical failure, because in all likelyhood if it is a critical failure it will surely be a commercial failure as well, especially if they´re putting it up against an Avengers 2 movie. If its a critical failure, it stands to make maybe 50 to 100 million over its budget, which is not a lot of profit for all the investors who will be involved to divide amongst themselves. Meaning heads will role if it bombs. Secondly, it will almost certainly put a death nail in the possibility of WB making any DC features that aren´t Batman or Superman projects; and as cool as Batman is, even DC know that audiences will eventually get bored of that.
So, I´ve come to the conclusion that perhaps this rumor of a JL movie is simply a smoke screen for them to bide time, and heres my theory as to why:

I absolutely love all the JL characters, Flash, Manhunter, Superman, Batman and my new love WW (which is very recent), and it is beyond me how studio execs believe they can do justice to a JL movie, without at least some solo outings first. Each character has such a rich, and, unique mythology, that I think it is virtually impossible to deal with where all these guys come from, without making the JL movie completely convoluted. Their origin stories being even more rich and diverse than the members of The avengers. In fact the only Avenger members with real origin stories that rival that of DC characters are Hulk and captain America. You also can´t compare it to the X-Men, because the X-Men movie works because all the characters got their powers from being mutants. Its a simple premise. Same with The Watchmen. Now you could say they can take the root the animated series took, but I think that won´t work either. It worked in the animated series, because you could leave things hanging for future episodes. You didn´t really have to explain the characters that thoroughly in the first few episodes. In a two hour movie, you will have to do that, meaning the quality and pace of the movie or the characters relatability is going to suffer due to everything needing explanation to new audiences.

The other root that they could take, which could possibly work, is adapting Graphic Novels like, Justice, Tower Of Babel or Kingdom Come, which I have to admit isn´t a bad idea. Especially Tower Of Babel, because, that will give each character their moment, and time for us to understand them, as its all about how a super villain steals Batmans plans on how to take down each member of the Justice league. As such it puts the spot light on each character, while also, focusing on Batman being a badass, whose smart enough to take any league member down if he wants to. That could be a really smart approach for WB since Batman is pretty much DC´s flagship character now.

Kingdom Come could also work as two part film, but it would almost certainly require fora recasting of Superman, as he is much older than Cavil in that story line. But agin this would be a great epic story to tell cinematically and is certainly very different from what Marvel are doing. However, I have huge doubts that WB´s would really do that, for a number of reasons too long to go into.

This has lead me to a conclusion; I really don´t think WB are planning on putting out a JL movie in 2015. Rather, what I think is happening is they are testing the waters with Man Of Steel. Their concern is that people don´t like like characters like Superman anymore. They think that Green Lantern and Superman just don´t fit modern sensibilities anymore, because of the failure of The Green lantern and Superman Returns. They think people can´t relate to them; as such they are out of fashion. In this sense, cause of the money lost on those movies, they want to make sure that such super powered characters still appeal to younger audiences. Man Of Steel looks amazing, and I think if it works, it may make WB execs change their mind, seeing that theirs a lot of money to be made with the rest of the JL roster. WB just aren´t willing to take the risk setting up a DC cinematic universe, without ensuring investors, that the characters weren´t at fault for the failure of their movies, but rather it was the quality of films like Catwoman, Green Lantern and Superman Returns that put audiences off. Its obvious to us the movie goers, but when you´re investing millions in these projects its a lot of money to lose on such a gamble.

I don´t know maybe I´m being overly optimistic as I said, but it just seems the stupidest strategy in the world, to put out a JL movie in 2015, when it is 2013, and all that has been announced is that the writer of one failed movie (Gangster Squad) has written it. No director, No actors, No budget, nothing. Its impossible for such a big movie to be pulled off that fast. Furthermore, to want to compete with the box office Juggernaut that the Avengers 2 is going to be, with a possibly rushed project is insane. I know the cocaine in Hollywood is supposed to be really good, but the exec´s can´t be that hopped up. I mean think about it realistically, how can they pull it off, with just the Man Of Steel as a vehicle for promotion? Even if the Man Of Steel is really good, that doesn´t say anything about the tone a rushed JL movie will take, with all these unestablished characters. Plus, if Snyder and Nolan have absolutely no hand in it, fans and general audiences are going to grow increasingly suspicious about the movies overall merit. People will probably just wait to see Man Of Steel 2, if they are unsure about the JL movie. Unless they get some kind of consistent theme and tone, Man Of Steel will say nothing at all about whats ahead, it may even seem to them as a split off universe from the JL movie, considering the realistic tone Snyder is going for. Added to that Marvel are bringing out what looks to be their edgiest coolest movies to date in Iron Man 3 and Thor 2? Let alone, Captain America Winter Soldier, which I think is going to be a quite dark take on his mythology and may be a really cool movie, as well; all the way building anticipation for A2. They won´t have a chance against the Avenger 2, with that kind of setup, unless JL somehow happens to be at least 80 something percent on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB. However most likely its gonna be Michael Bays Transformers again, with Superheroes and spandex if they rush it.

Sorry this post has gone on alot longer than what I initially wanted, but just to finish, it seems to me very plausible, that WW and Flash projects are being developed, while WB sees if Man Of Steel works. They will then push WW and Flash as solo projects in the same tone as Man Of Steel, as a lead up to a JL movie; probably doing WW and Flash in the same year. In this way they are just playing it safe, because Batman is the only successful Superhero franchise they had since the 90s. I mean even Watchmen tanked and that was actually an amazing film. It stands to reason considering, that maybe they aren´t sure that these characters can stand on their own two feet.

So let me know what you think. Is my theory too optimistic? Am I fooling myself? Are WB/DC that stupid that they will try and compete with Avengers 2 without any solo outings first for marketing purposes? Am I too long winded and do I need to get to the point quicker? All responses are welcome.
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