JUSTICE LEAGUE Review: Zack Snyder's Film Follows In WONDER WOMAN's Footsteps But Wobbles Along The Way

JUSTICE LEAGUE Review: Zack Snyder's Film Follows In WONDER WOMAN's Footsteps But Wobbles Along The Way

The Justice League review embargo has now lifted and the critical reaction has been decidedly mixed so far. What did we at CBM make of Zack Snyder's DC team-up adventure? You can find out after the jump...

Despite doing pretty well at the box office, the first 3 entries in Warner Bros.' rebooted DC Films Universe are generally looked upon by fans and critics alike as noble failures (well, we can probably drop the noble part for Suicide Squad), but Patty Jenkins' recent Wonder Woman movie was regarded as a step in the right direction that many hope Justice League will follow.

Good news, then, that Zack Snyder's film does continue down that path... it just wobbles a little along the way.

The biggest problem with Justice League is how rushed and cobbled together it feels at times - which was probably inevitable given the troubled production. The first half is all set-up, and owes more to the tone of the earlier franchise entries than Diana's first solo outing. Then, once the team is assembled, things get a lot jauntier and more quippy very quickly, and before we know it we're racing towards the finish line. In addition, the backlash against the percieved dourness of Batman V Superman has clearly prompted the studio to up the "fun" quota, but many may feel that they've gone too far in the other direction, as things do get quite cheesy from time to time. 

Still, as jarring as all of this can be, the cast/characters ensure that it's never less than an enjoyable ride. Those concerned about these interpretations of their favourite DC heroes have nothing to worry about, because the movie's main strength lies in the chemistry of the actors and the establishing of a near-perfect team dynamic.

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Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman probably does emerge as the MVP, but she's followed closely by Ben Affleck's far less moody, if perhaps a little too light-hearted take on Batman. Ezra Miller's comic relief Flash is also a highlight - even if his deer-in-the-headlights routine threatens to get a little annoying. Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa) have a bit less to do than the others, but there's still plenty of potential to expand upon in the future.

As for the resurrected Man of Steel? Let's just say those hoping for a more traditional take on the Big Blue Boy-scout won't be disappointed.

Unfortunately, the villain is pretty forgettable. As a character, Steppenwolf isn't the worst comic book antagonist we've seen, but the CGI used to bring him to life is, quite frankly, embarrassing. Still, he serves his purpose and gives our heroes something to rally against, which does result in some very impressive battle scenes. 

Justice League is a loud, brash, campy, exciting, hilarious, messy, but ultimately fulfilling superhero adventure. Its significant flaws mean it's unlikely to win over most critics, but comic book aficionados - particularly of the DC variety - should have a hell of a time with it. Personally, I left the screening with a big, stupid grin on my face, and I believe a good chunk of you lot will too.

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