JUSTICE LEAGUE Snyder Cut Stills Reveal The Scene Preceding Big Martian Manhunter Reveal

JUSTICE LEAGUE Snyder Cut Stills Reveal The Scene Preceding Big Martian Manhunter Reveal

Justice League was supposed to reveal that General Swanwick was Martian Manhunter in disguise, and the latest Snyder Cut stills from Zack Snyder feature the moments leading up to that jaw-dropping twist!

After hosting a live Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice commentary with fans on Sunday, filmmaker Zack Snyder has returned to teasing his Snyder Cut plans for Justice League

Fans got trolled on April Fool's Day with the announcement that the original version of the movie would premiere on HBO Max, and the future remains as uncertain as ever for Snyder's original take on the film before Joss Whedon got his mitts on it. Today, he's revealed another deleted scene featuring Lois Lane (Amy Adams) and Martha Kent (Diana Lane). 

No context is provided, but the two women are undoubtedly mourning the passing of Clark Kent, and we know from storyboards Snyder has shared that this exchange was to be followed by the shocking reveal that Harry Lennix's General Swanwick was, in fact, Martian Manhunter! 

From what little we know about the Snyder Cut, Manhunter was posing as Martha, and would have transformed into his true self before then returning to his General Swanwick form outside the apartment. In Whedon's version of Justice League, the two women met at The Daily Planet as a goofy news report played in the background about the Parademons. 

This would have been a cool moment to see in Justice League, and Martian Manhunter was probably set to help the rest of the League during the final battle against Steppenwolf!

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