JUSTICE LEAGUE Star Ray Fisher Elaborates On Issues With Geoff Johns And Talks With Walter Hamada

JUSTICE LEAGUE Star Ray Fisher Elaborates On Issues With Geoff Johns And Talks With Walter Hamada

Justice League star Ray Fisher has finally shared some insight into the issues he has with Geoff Johns, while also revealing more details about the coversations he had with DC Films boss Walter Hamada...

The battle between Warner Bros. and Justice League star Ray Fisher is definitely heating up with conflicting statements, and some pretty wild accusations. Now, the actor has shared a video elaborating on what's been happening on his side, saying the studio is playing a "sad and desperate game."

Explaining that they're unaware of "how many receipts I have for interactions that I've had. They do not know the people that I've been talking to," Fisher claims that there are more people willing to take part in the investigation. He also states that the response from DC Films boss Walter Hamada is part of, "a weird game, a sad and desperate game, but [a] predictable one."

Most interesting is what he had to say about his conversation with Hamada and why he's not willing to allow comic book writer Geoff Johns - who is believed to have championed Joss Whedon taking over from Zack Snyder for Justice League's reshoots - get out of having to take some responsibility. 

"[Hamada's] excuse for the situation with Geoff Johns was, 'Ray, I worked with Geoff on Shazam!, I don't really think he would do that or say that,' and I go, 'Walter, you weren't there. I'm telling you, you weren't. You were not there when the man used back-channel communication to call me into his office and made the veiled threat to my career. You weren't there for that."

"You weren't there when Geoff Johns contacted me in 2018 - a year and a half after Justice League while I was shooting True Detective - to gloat that there was another Cyborg being used in the DC Universe in a show that he was producing.'" Fisher later added that he now intends to talk more about what happened, not about Justice League, but about his experiences since. 

Check out the full video below:

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