JUSTICE LEAGUE's Jason Momoa Lends His Support To Co-Star With #IStandWithRayFisher Hashtag

JUSTICE LEAGUE's Jason Momoa Lends His Support To Co-Star With #IStandWithRayFisher Hashtag

Shortly after Ray Fisher returned to Twitter to call Warner Bros. out for attempting to undermine him, his Justice League co-star Jason Momoa made it clear the actor has his full support. Check it out...

Justice League star Ray Fisher once again took to Twitter yesterday evening to call out Warner Bros. for the way their investigation into how the movie's reshoots has been handled. It was at the beginning of July that the actor called out director Joss Whedon and producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg over their conduct on set, and we've since seen a continued back and forth between him and the studio.

The picture that's been painted of Fisher is that he's a disgruntled actor who butted heads with that trip over creative differences, but he continues to hint that it goes much deeper than that. 

While other Justice League cast members have yet to speak up, Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa, has taken to Instagram to make it clear that "#IStandWithRayFisher." However, he's yet to comment on whether he saw any of this alleged misconduct, and neither have other cast members. 

For the time being, we're left to speculate on what could have happened on set with Fisher; it could be as dark as him being bullied or prejudiced against because of his race, or as simple as Whedon, Johns, and Berg creating a toxic work environment by openly attacking Zack Snyder's work.

We'll see, but you can check out Fisher's latest comments and Momoa's post below:

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