JUSTICE LEAGUE's Ray Fisher And Ezra Miller On The Marvel Characters They'd Like To Play

JUSTICE LEAGUE's Ray Fisher And Ezra Miller On The Marvel Characters They'd Like To Play

Don't worry, The Flash and Cyborg aren't actively trying to jump ship to Marvel. The DCEU actors were guests at Wizard World Philadelphia this past weekend and fielded the question from the audience.

During Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher's panel at Wizard World Philadelphia last weekend, the two DCEU actors fielded a number of interesting questions from the audience, including who the actors would like to play if they were in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Instead of pleading the fifth, the Flash and Cyborg actors actually took a few moments to think of an answer. At least they didn't answer right away, an indicator that they've already given the question serious thought.  

Miller, who is still set to star in the upcoming Flash solo film, indicated that he'd like to portray a version of the original Nick Fury.  "I’d love to play [Nick] Fury. I’d love to play an old – a different version than the current version – but like an [older guy]. I loved those comics when I was growing up. I loved like really scary war [stories], with a traumatized, like morally injured Fury.

Fisher, whose Cyborg movie appears to be more in flux as it doesn't have a set release date or creative team, revealed that he'd love to pop some iconic adamantium claws. "There’s a billion for us to pick! They only got about six [in The Avengers]... Can we pick outside of the MCU? Can I pick an X-Man or an X-Person? I’d probably want to play the Wolverine."

What do you think of their picks? The pair are firmly entrenched as key components in the DC Film Universe's murky future so it's incredibly unlikely that either would get their wish. However, should the DCEU fold, it's very possible that either could appear in a future Marvel film. 
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