Doug Liman Wouldn't Have Used Any Of Guillermo Del Toro's Ideas In His JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK

Doug Liman Wouldn't Have Used Any Of Guillermo Del Toro's Ideas In His JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK

Guillermo Del Toro was the first director attached to Warner Bros.' Justice League Dark but Doug Liman - who was later attached to the project - has confirmed that none of his ideas were going to be used.

As of right now, it appears as if Justice League Dark is stuck firmly in development hell. The movie lost director Guillermo Del Toro fairly early on and while it appeared as if the project was finally starting to take shape when Doug Liman was hired, he too ended up leaving the DC Comics adaptation due to creative differences. Concept art from his version of the movie has popped up online in recent months but would the filmmaker have utilised any of Del Toro's ideas for these fan-favourite characters? 

Well, while you might think that there were at least some ideas in there which Liman (who has said he's open to returning to the project) would have borrowed, it turns out that's not actually the case.

"It was completely different. I may do these sort of big high concept movies, but I always choose projects where I see myself in them. There has to be a really personal connection to it. At the end of the day, I wasn’t gonna find myself in Del Toro’s version of Justice League Dark. I just wouldn’t see myself in that. That’s why I basically have to develop the things that I’m gonna make – which is why I’m sitting here saying in Impulse, I see myself in this 16-year-old female character… I just do."

That's fair enough and it's a shame that we'll never get to see what were probably very creative versions of Justice League Dark's monsters dreamed up by Del Toro. What's going to happen to the project remains to be seen but it hasn't been officially mentioned by Warner Bros. for a while so unless the studio is quietly working on putting this team together, we may never get to see them assemble. 

What do you think the future holds in store for Justice League Dark? Share your thoughts below. 
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