Guillermo del Toro Open To Linking 'JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK' With 'MAN OF STEEL'

Guillermo del Toro Open To Linking 'JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK' With 'MAN OF STEEL'

Director Guillermo del Toro has stated that he's open to creating a cohesive DC cinematic universe between his "Justice League Dark" adaptation and Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel."

While talking with MTV to promote "Pacific Rim", director Guillermo del Toro updates the status of his "Justice League Dark" (or "Heaven Sent" or "Dark Universe" or whatever it's called these days) adaptation. Not much has changed since del Toro commented on the project back in January. It appears he's still waiting for that same mystery screenwriter, but he did update that in the meantime, he's re-writing the outline. Del Toro confirmed, "I'm writing [Justice League Dark] right now. I'm re-writing the outline, we have a writer that we're waiting for so I said to Warner that I will re-write the outline in the meantime." He went on to say that there are two projects that have more of an immediate future at the moment, "The Strain" and "Crimson Peak". "The two things that are happening immediately are 'The Strain' which shoots in September, we have offices in Canada, makeup-fx are being built," said Del Toro of FX's adaptation of the vampire novel he co-wrote with Chuck Hogan. He continued, "We cast that thing so carefully, from the first part to the last part, we still have two or three of the cast members to announce, one of which I think is going to be a big surprise." Then after "The Strain", del Toro states that "Crimson Peak" is next on his agenda.

The interview then moves back to "Justice League Dark" and whether the success of "Man of Steel" has any bearing on what del Toro plans to do with the likes of Constantine, Phantom Stranger, Etrigan the Demon, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, etc. "The great thing about the 'Dark Universe' is that you have this possibility of creating a supernatural group and you can play by different rules but I would love to see the DC Universe become as cohesive as the Marvel [Cinematic] Universe. So if there's any correlation, I will honor it."

Nearing the end of the interview, del Toro also commented that the Hulk television show has kind of "faded away" in the wake of the success of "The Avengers" and the upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D. drama on ABC.

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