Lana And Andy Wachowski In Contention To Helm JUSTICE LEAGUE

Lana And Andy Wachowski In Contention To Helm JUSTICE LEAGUE

With Ben Affleck shooting down that he is working on Warner Brother's Justice League project, the directing duo of Lana and Andy Wachowski have emerged as possible candidates to spearhead the superhero team-up film.

Warner Brothers is trying to find the perfect director for their Justice League project. Their top choice for the job, Ben Affleck, appears to have no interest in the job whatsoever. Now, there a couple of new names that have popped up as possible candidates for the job. According to Moviehole Lana and Andy Wachowski, who directed The Matrix Trilogy, are WB's second choice for the film. The duo is said to have the executives at Warner completely sold on their upcoming film Cloud Atlas, and that they feel that the Wachowski's could take a film like Justice League and give it the character development it needs, but also deliver the type of big summer tent-pole spectacle in needs to be too. Lana and Andy do have some experience with CBM's as they were producers on V For Vendetta, as well as rumored to be one of the finalist for Man Of Steel before it went to Zack Snyder.

Nothing is set in stone right now so take what you hear with a pinch of salt. It is also not a guarantee that if the Wachowski's would even take the job if offered. The only thing that is certain is that Warner Brothers is trying to find who they feel is the right director, or directors, for the job. For the latest on the Justice League make sure you keep checking CBM daily.

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