MAJOR SPOILERS: Here's A Detailed Description Of JUSTICE LEAGUE's After-Credits Scenes

<font color=red>MAJOR SPOILERS:</font> Here's A Detailed Description Of JUSTICE LEAGUE's After-Credits Scenes

Justice League starts playing in theaters from tomorrow evening but if you're curious about what the after-credits scenes entail, then you can find a detailed description of them both after the jump.

Earlier this week, parts of both of Justice League's after-credits scenes leaked online but they were quickly removed by Warner Bros. They weren't the best of quality and were quite fractured so if you're curious about what happens in them, you'll be glad to know that we have detailed descriptions for you right here! How do they set up the future of the DC Films Universe? In a pretty big way it seems...

After-Credits Scene #1: Superman vs. The Flash

Earlier in the movie after Superman's return, the Man of Steel flies off to save some civilians and with the Flash doing the same thing, we see that they're pretty evenly matched in terms of speed. As a result, the mid-credits scene sees the two heroes deciding to race  from coast to coast and Superman jokes that if he wins, the Flash is off the team but if the Flash wins, he'll take the team to brunch.

That's a callback to Barry Allen not really understanding what brunch is when he first meets Bruce Wayne and as both heroes start racing, the scene cuts to black before we get to see who emerges victorious. This is obviously a great way of referencing the comic books as the two have been pitted against each other numerous occasions there. The next scene, however, sets up something huge. 

What does it entail? Well, for the second Justice League after-credits scene, simply click below.

After-Credits Scene #2: The Injustice League

The second scene comes right at the end of the credits and kicks off in Arkham Asylum. As a guard shouts for a bald prisoner to get out of his cell, we learn that it's not actually Lex Luthor and that he's managed to escape. The scene then cuts to a large figure with two swords on his back travelling to a massive yacht and it's then that we learn this is Deathstroke and the boat belongs to Luthor. 

He unmasks and we see that he's very much an older Slade Wilson with white hair and a white beard. Luthor refers to him as "Mr. Wilson" (we're left to assume that he broke Luthor out of Arkham but it's never actually shown) and talks about their enemies building a League and that he thinks it could be about time that they create their own. That has to be a reference to forming the Injustice League!

Will we see that villainous team in Justice League 2 as opposed to Darkseid? We'll have to wait and see.
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