Megan Gale Ready to Play Wonder Woman in 2009

Now that George Miller has announced that the Justice League movie is revving up again for 2009, it looks like his planned pick for Wonder Woman, Aussie model turned actress Megan Gale will get her chance at the Amazonian Princess. Check her out! She definitely looks the part...

Earlier, the movie was put off originally as a result of the screen writers strike and then casting issues.

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There have been various casting rumours since the Australian director of Mad Max was brought on board, but none have been confirmed until now. Miller seems to have taken a quick look around his back yard and plucked fellow Antipodean Megan Gale from obscurity to star as Wonder Woman.

"She got the job because she blitzed her screen test. I mean, I had no idea she was so good," Miller told Australia's Herald Sun. "She walked into our office in Sydney and read the part. She has done some Italian movies, but I didn't think she would be as good as she was."

Check out the size of her in that video to the right! She is certainly "Amazonian" in stature--otherwise that talk show host must be a midget. And if her acting is anywhere near the lusciousness of the pictoral below. We have a winner!

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