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It’s nice to know that, while we may be the predominant source of information, the internet alone is not the only source of leak-ables. Check out the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly, or just take the jump, for some interesting JL tidbits.

The article that is appearing in EW on stands now, confirms that Maxwell Lord will be our resident bad guy, accompanied by his OMAC’s (One-Man Army Corps). The OCAM’s, like in the recent Infinite Crisis story line, can take over humans and turn them in to killing machines.

In addition, EW have got some small bios on the Justice League, which includes all seven of the original JL founders; Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and the Martian Manhunter.

Superman - A.k.a. Clark Kent, news reporter. The morally upstanding Man of Steel battles Batman and has more to worry about than kryptonite.

Wonder Woman - A.k.a. Diana of Amazonian princess. Revered by the other supers for her beauty and ass-kicking abilities.

The Martian Manhunter - A.k.a. J'onn J'onzz, detective. His power to read minds comes in handy as the villain engages in some nifty mind control.

Green Lantern - A.k.a. John Stewart, architect. Designed the Hall of Justice. His emerald power ring shoots beams of energy.

Batman - A.k.a. Bruce Wayne. The most human in the bunch is mistrustful of others, which leads to quite a few problems for the clan.

Flash - A.k.a. Barry Allen, cop. The most enthusiastic superhero, Flash is happy just to be included, but his ravenous appetite leads to trouble.

Aquaman - A.k.a. Arthur, the Atlantean King. Not a fan of humans, Aquaman is more interested in helping his fellow heroes than lending a hand to land dwellers.

You’ll note, that Batman’s biography once again lends itself to the Infinite Crisis storyline, suggesting that his mistrust of others leads to some headaches for the rest of the league. This would line up with the IC storyline, considering that it was him who created Brother Eye, the satellite that kept track on all our favorite heroes.

Two other interesting characters to note, the Green Lantern is the black John Stewart, as the casting information suggested, but more surprising is the fact that, Barry Allen is the Flash, and not the more contemporary Wally West. This is even more surprising, when you combine that with the lack of Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern – arguably Allen’s best friend.

Whether this movie will hit its 2009 release, or will be further delayed by the looming strikes is yet to be determined, but we can only hope it’ll be soon (unless, like me, you’re kinda hoping that it’ll be delayed long enough for Christian Bale to come on as Batman…).

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