POLL: What Do You Think About JUSTICE LEAGUE Hitting Theaters In 2015?

POLL: What Do You Think About JUSTICE LEAGUE Hitting Theaters In 2015?

After the rush of initial excitement from yesterday's Justice League announcement, have you had time to truly think about what a 2015 release means? Sound off on what will surely become a much-discussed topic here on the site!

As a big DC Comics fan, I'm very excited by the prospect of a Justice League movie hitting theaters in 2015. But at the same time, I'm a little worried. Last we heard, the script was still being tinkered with and as of right now, there's no cast or director attached. Although I must point out here that the Avengers began shooting in May 2011 and had a May 2012 release date so completing a Justice League film in roughly 3 years or so can be done. But Marvel essentially began working on that project in earnest back in 2007 during the Marvel Annual Braintrust Retreat not to mention the fact that The Avengers had a buildup across 5 solo-hero films. I suppose my primary concern is whether a Justice League film will reach the level of success it needs/deserves/requires in our post-Avengers movie world where a successful formula has already been presented to the general movie-going populace who will now have certain expectations. Nevertheless, I'm going to remain optimistic as we wait to see who Warner Bros. will place in the directing chair and who will make up the ensemble cast. It will be interesting to see whether WB goes for big-name actors or for lesser-known talent.

Be sure to cast your vote and keep the conversation going in the comments section below.

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