RUMOR: Armie Hammer On WB's Radar To Play Batman In JUSTICE LEAGUE

RUMOR: Armie Hammer On WB's Radar To Play Batman In JUSTICE LEAGUE

Could Hammer get another shot at playing the Caped Crusader after coming so close in George Miller's defunct 'Justice League: Mortal'? According to Moviehole, the Lone Ranger himself might just be in with a chance. Read on for details..

Any CBMer worth their salt knows that Armie Hammer came very close to donning the cape and cowl in Warner Bros.' ill fated Justice League movie that never saw the light of day. The actor has expressed his disappointment in a number of interviews, explaining that they were only days from shooting when the roof caved in on the project. Well, he might just get another go at it. According to Moviehole's sources, WB have put Hammer at the "top of their list" to take over the role from Christian Bale in their planned Justice League movie..

"Hearing, from a very good source, today that Hammer, who is now a hot commodity after such flicks as “The Social Network” and “Mirror Mirror”, not to mention his upcoming lead role in “The Lone Ranger”, is ”back on WB’s radar” for the part of Batman. Not for a solo flick, but for the ensemble “Justice League” movie [again]."

The site go on to say that Hammer may just be wanted for the studio's "JL Universe", meaning that there could also be another Batman cast for any future solo movies - not something that anyone hoping for a 'DC Cinematic Universe' akin to what Marvel Studios have will want to hear. They also say that Joseph Gordon Levitt will definitely not be returning as Batman, Nightwing, Robin or any other character spun off from Christopher Nolan's trilogy - that's over and done with. Of course - as much as I trust Moviehole - we'll have to take all of this as rumor for now. However, the casting would make sense - Hammer is a much bigger star than he was a few years ago, and WB know he has already familiarized himself with the character, and by all accounts looks pretty snazzy in a Bat-suit. I wouldn't be surprised if he is indeed a top contender, but I also wouldn't expect any confirmation or denials one way or the other for quite a while. We will update if anything pops up of course.

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