RUMOR: Atlantis Is the Primary Antagonist In JUSTICE LEAGUE, Not Darkseid

<font color="red">RUMOR:</font> Atlantis Is the Primary Antagonist In JUSTICE LEAGUE, Not Darkseid

A new rumor has surfaced in regards to the villain of WB's Justice League film. Apparently Batman and Wonder Woman will track down Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman to wage battle with Atlantis, not Darkseid.

Could Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. be using Darkseid and Apokolips as misdirection for the real antagonists of the Justice League film?  On El Mayimbe's new YouTube show, the divisive fanboy journalist reveals that he's hearing rumors that Atlantis will attack the surface world in the first Justice League film and will serve as the primary antagonists, not Darkseid and his Parademons.  Details are scarce but from what little is revealed, it's possible the film be based on Geoff Johns' 2012 miniseries, Throne of Atlantis.  

Additional rumors also peg Batma ndebuting the Bat-submarine in Justice League.  Check out the report below, which starts at the 27:30 mark.



Do you think it wise to build up to Darkseid? Or were you fully expecting Apokolips to launch a full-scale attack in Justice League? Signs of Apokolips were littered all throughout Dawn of Justice and it will be interesting to see if such clues will be included in Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman.  Justice League Part One will arrive in theaters on November 17, 2017.

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